Stories by Sophie Maerowitz

Empowering Activists to Carry Your Message

May 17th, 2019 by

PRNEWS staffer Sophie Maerowitz spends her off-hours volunteering for New York City cyclist, pedestrian and public transit advocacy organization Transportation Alternatives. At the start, she figured it would be the usual rabble-rousing stuff: showing up to protests, tweeting photos while holding up signs, et al. She now realizes it’s that and much more. She offers tips from her experience at TransAlt that communicators can adapt to urge brand advocates to become involved in social issues.


7 Reminders to Keep Your Email Open Rate High

May 8th, 2019 by

Are you neglecting email marketing in pursuit of shiny objects (like social media)? Jon Chang, global product marketer for IBM Watson and lecturer on NYU’s adjunct faculty teaching social media and web analytics, still sees email as a crucial channel for marketers and communicators in 2019. Here are seven of Chang’s tips and reminders for communicators looking to strengthen their chops as email tacticians.

signage for The Social Shake-Up

Social Media Crisis and Graphic Design Takeaways From Day One of The Social Shake-Up 2019

May 7th, 2019 by

On May 6, the 2019 Social Shake-Up Show in Atlanta kicked into high gear with a slew of hands-on workshops on social-adjacent topics from live streaming, to graphic design, to crisis management and more. Marketers and communications professionals working at a wide array of brands (Entertainment Tonight, Adobe and Kent State University, to name a few) offered attendees tips and tricks for more eye-popping designs, higher search rankings and better game plans for inevitable Twitter storms.

influencer holding phone with like symbols

Why Your Brand Isn’t Seeing ROI for Its Influencer Efforts

May 1st, 2019 by

California-based company Buztubr offers a platform that allows businesses to connect with influencers (and vice versa) in tandem with Facebook’s and Instagram’s native advertising offerings. After developing software for companies including Facebook, Snapchat, Microsoft and P&G, engineer and marketing analyst Gunn Hoh brought his expertise to Buztubr, now serving as its COO. Hoh shared his insights on what he sees as missed opportunities in the influencer space.

button with yelp logo

‘Brené Brown Me’: Yelp’s John Carroll on Social Listening, Video Preparation and Modern Marketing

April 18th, 2019 by

Yelp may not always come up in conversation as a social network the likes of Facebook or Instagram, but for small businesses and their customers, Yelp is a godsend. Yelp’s senior manager of business outreach, John Carroll, will be speaking at The Social Shake-Up as part of a “Tying Social Media to the Bottom Line” session on May 7. We spoke to Carroll about his tips for social monitoring, brand evangelism and on-camera storytelling in 2019.


Why TikTok is Likely to Stick Around

March 14th, 2019 by

What content is TikTok’s burgeoning young audience most interested in? In a word: fun. Hashtag challenges and lip synch contests have become the platform’s vernacular. The app has placed a heavy focus on artificial intelligence, meaning the algorithm learns quickly and is custom-tailored to each user’s tastes. There also isn’t much pressure for users to build a large following—at least not in the same way that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have quantified influence.

facebook logo, locks, thumbprints

Facebook Sues Fake Follower Shops, Merges Messaging and Enters the Cryptocurrency Game

March 7th, 2019 by

Facebook made headlines this week with two major announcements: First, the tech giant is pursuing legal action against companies that sell fake followers and likes; secondly, it plans to blur the lines between WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram in order to allay privacy and usability concerns. It was also recently revealed that Facebook is entering the cryptocurrency game. So, how will these changes impact professional communicators?

facebook showcase ad

3 Ways Facebook’s Latest Ad Offering Will Affect Communicators

February 28th, 2019 by

This week, Facebook announced the launch of its “Showcase” feature, a program that allows brands to advertise on popular Facebook Watch videos. While the feature is referred to as a “premium video ad program” (read: big-ticket item), it’s important for brands of all sizes to note the direction in which Facebook’s advertising business is headed. Here are some takeaways from the feature announcement for brand communicators to be aware of.

twitter new chat interface

2 Twitter Features Coming Down the Pike for Communicators

February 21st, 2019 by

Over the last week, two Twitter features have come to light that could change communicators’ approach to the platform. One, an instant camera similar to offerings from Snapchat and Instagram Stories, was buried in Twitter’s code as a “News Camera.” It is yet to be released, and still ‘in mid-development,’ according to a Twitter spokesperson. The second feature being tested is a new way to display conversations. It aims to reduce confusion in reading Twitter threads and conversations. Here’s how the new features will likely affect brands using the platform.

linkedin live

3 Potential Use Cases for LinkedIn Live

February 14th, 2019 by

It may be a little late to the live video party, but LinkedIn finally has unrolled LinkedIn Live, which allows users to broadcast of-the-moment footage. Unfortunately for communicators eager to start testing it, LinkedIn Live is invite-only now. But the lull between beta and full rollout is a perfect opportunity for communicators to start brainstorming ways to use the feature.