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No, Your Brand Newsroom Is Not Really a ‘Newsroom’—and That Is OK

July 13th, 2019 by

The “brand newsroom” is a concept that’s here to stay, with several large brands including Marriott and General Electric earning plaudits as successful early adopters. Hype surrounding brand newsrooms has reached a crescendo, but small and mid-size brands need not be concerned that they rival the reporting power of the New York Times to survive. Let’s take a look at what these two entities really are and how traditional newsrooms actually inform the brand content creation process.

How Muck Rack’s ‘State of Journalism 2019’ Study Impacts Media Relations

July 9th, 2019 by

Muck Rack, a journalist database, media monitoring and coverage reporting platform, released its 2019 State of Journalism study, highlighting how journalists use social media and work with PR teams. Currently, 47 percent of journalists believe that “the way most companies share information with the media is outdated.” It seems the PR industry still has some work to do towards building relationships and updating pitching for the digital era.

Press Releases Aren’t Dead. Here’s When They Still Make Sense

July 9th, 2019 by

Press releases: They may be quaint. Some even say they’re obsolete, done in by technology and Twitter. Don’t believe the naysayers. You still have to get the message out for your clients, especially when you have some great news to share. And if and when trouble comes up, it’s best to stay on top of the story and shape the narrative. But knowing when this is the right vehicle for that is crucial.

Webinar Recap: Win Coverage in Today’s Multifaceted Media Landscape

July 5th, 2019 by

Digital technology has changed nearly every aspect of media. There are fewer major media outlets, though niche publications and online news sites have grown. And PR pros now greatly outnumber content creators (formerly known as writers, editors or reporters). What does all this mean for those PR pros engaged in media relations? A trio of senior PR professionals addressed this question during a recent PRNEWS webinar. A summary of their ideas follows.

Interviewing the Interviewer: Busy Daily News Reporters Like to Laugh, Too!

July 1st, 2019 by

If you want to capture the attention of Baltimore Sun investigative reporter Doug Donovan as he navigates hundreds of emails daily, you’d better keep the topic relevant to the areas he covers—and try to make him laugh!  A funny subject line is pretty much a guarantee that he will open your message. Donovan shared with PRNEWS some tips for success with reaching a busy reporter with your pitch, and examples of some subject lines that actually won his click.

Former Hearst Exec Coles Touts Authentic Brand Ambassadors, Brief Posts and Imagery

July 1st, 2019 by

We rarely cover live events in this publication. PRNEWS senior content manager Sophie Maerowitz gave us a reason to make an exception. She attended a PRSA session featuring former Hearst executive Joanna Coles, who offered so many interesting tips and tactics that we had to share them with you. Here are some gems from the sharp yet blunt mind of Coles.

Does Your Online Newsroom Suck? Here Are Some Ways to Fix That

June 25th, 2019 by

We all face two big challenges: a flood of information at our fingertips, and less and less time to make any sense of it. So if your online newsroom isn’t visually appealing, easy to quickly navigate and useful, it’s likely you won’t reach the audience and media you’re targeting. Here are some quick tips from experts to ensure your brand newsroom isn’t costing you any opportunities.

Calling Facebook’s Social Platform a ‘Publication’ Is Good Media Relations

June 24th, 2019 by

Putting Facebook’s problems with inconsistent messaging aside, the “platform vs. publisher” debate has considerable relevance for PR pros, whose success in Media Relations largely depends on building out some variation of a PESO strategy that involves a traditional ad spend, an earned media component, solid SEO and robust owned content delivery channels. Communicators are in a position to become influencers of Facebook’s policy, not just through their partnerships with marketing and ad spends, but by treating the ubiquitous social network as a “publication” and not a “platform.” Here’s why.

Five Tips to Get Major Media Coverage

June 21st, 2019 by

Right or wrong, many executives think the only media that matters is the Wall St. Journal and the NY Times. OK, so how do PR pros get their brands a mention in one of those papers? We turn to someone who’s climbed that mountain. Frederik Bjørndal, who heads press relations for N. America and Europe for Novozymes, a Danish biotech firm, provides his checklist for getting major media coverage.

Happy Father’s Day to the ‘Father of PR’

June 14th, 2019 by

To celebrate Father’s Day it seemed fitting to revisit the history of the man dubbed the “Father of PR,” Edward Louis Bernays. Like any father, Bernays was not without his successes and failures, and controversial debates. For 103 years, this master of public opinion helped shape some of the cornerstones of PR.