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PR Takeaways from NAACP’s Facebook Boycott

December 18th, 2018 by

“Our decision to return the donation to Facebook and logging out of the platform for a week is part of a strategy to bring attention to Facebook ‘s failures in protecting the integrity of both our privacy and our vote,” NAACP’s Aba Blankson told PR News.

Common Myths You May Believe About LinkedIn, Debunked

December 17th, 2018 by

Although many brands have already made the shift to marketing and communicating on LinkedIn, some may be hesitant to jump into building a presence on LinkedIn because of preconceived notions about the platform and what kind of content it should contain. The good news is, a lot of those notions are likely wrong and should no longer hold you back.

2 New Instagram Features Communicators Should Know About

December 12th, 2018 by

Instagram announced that users can now send voices messages via the Direct messaging platform in the app. Audio messages can be up to one minute long and can be sent in private and group chats. A second announcement revealed Instagram’s beta testing of creator accounts for influencers, which will “give the app’s high-profile individuals specialized tools.”

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3 Ways Rosetta Stone Successfully Repurposes Video Across Social Channels

December 7th, 2018 by

Social video may be the preferred form of content for digital natives, but that doesn’t mean it comes cheap. From hiring a freelance video crew, to pre- and post-production costs and boosting the content on social media once it’s finished, even a minute-long video can give senior leaders sticker shock. So how best to convince your management that great video content is what your brand needs to make its next campaign succeed?

It’s Time to Seize PR’s Dynamic Moment

December 6th, 2018 by

The future appears bright for PR as advertising will cede its authority, a panel of veteran PR executives says. Yet PR pros must be prepared to grab the mantle, bolstering their knowledge and use of technology and working strategically. In addition, communicators must continue to build relationships with clients.

How Not to Mess Up on Twitter: 5 Rules for Top-Notch Tweets

December 5th, 2018 by

It’s easy to forget that social media is a relatively new phenomenon now that it’s so deeply ingrained in our lives. But even as it has grown and evolved over the past decade or so, the rule book for social platforms is still being formed day by day. And it’s remarkably easy for companies, leaders and individuals to screw up what could have been a perfectly normal tweet. As proven by Rudy Giuliani’s recent Twitter grammatical error that unintentionally linked to a domain that was then used by a comedian for a political prank, the book of best practices on Twitter could still use some tweaking.

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TikTok: Where #HashtagChallenges Turn Users into Brand Content Creators

December 4th, 2018 by

You’ve probably heard of TikTok by now, the new short-form video app that allows users to create up to 15-second videos using their cameras, in-app editing tools and animation. Currently the No. 1 free app… Continued

How AI Can Help Communicators Tell Stories on Video

December 3rd, 2018 by

How many times have you created a video at work using a mobile phone and then had to wait for someone to edit the footage and add graphics and music so it could pass muster on your brand’s social channels? APCO’s lead storyteller Kareem Farid tells us AI soon will be able to collaborate with communicators to produce videos quickly and efficiently.

Social Media Marketing in 2019: A Fixture in The Communications Ecosystem

December 1st, 2018 by

A look at Google searches for several marketing-related PR terms shows social media marketing leading the way. Another trend is the disappointing showing for employee communications. Media relations, as could be expected, is very low in terms in the number of searches being conducted on Google. U.S. vs global searches yield some interesting differences.

Establishing Trust, Breaking Through the Noise Among Communicators’ Top Challenges for 2019

December 1st, 2018 by

Our regular Roundtable feature asked senior communicators to tell us what they believe will be the toughest challenge in 2019. Perhaps concerned with the headlines of the day, many of them had trust and integrity issues on their minds. Others mentioned breaking through the clutter to get your narrative heard.