How OkCupid’s Marketing and Communications Team Uses Generative AI

[Editor’s Note: Ahead of PRNEWS’ Leveraging AI for PR online seminar on March 27, we spoke with a speaker for the event, Michael Kaye, Director of Brand Marketing & Communications at OkCupid, about the brand’s use of genAI, what his session will entail and advice for PR pros experimenting with the technology.]

PRNEWS: In what ways does your brand use genAI for marketing and/or communications?

Michael Kaye, Director of Brand Marketing & Communications at OkCupid

Michael Kaye, Director of Brand Marketing & Communications at OkCupid: OkCupid matches people on what matters to them through in-app matching questions. These help us determine who is most compatible based on how they respond to our questions. At the beginning of last year, we decided to have ChatGPT write our matching questions for us, and the chatbot generated questions have been answered almost 4 million times.

PRNEWS: Regarding the OkCupid case study that leveraged genAI, what are the main points you plan to cover in your session?

Kaye: That every brand has the opportunity to be creative and scrappy, while still being impactful in your storytelling efforts.

PRNEWS: What kind of AI use are you seeing across the industry—not just in your company, but across the board? What are you hearing from colleagues and partners?

Kaye: Dating apps have been using AI for years for moderation and safety features on our apps, but we’re starting to see more communications and marketing teams leveraging generative AI. I’ve been hearing a lot about ChatGPT, of course, but we’re also seeing brands tap AI tools for creative assets. That’s not something we’ve done yet for Archer or OkCupid, though.

PRNEWS: How should PR folks be thinking about applying AI in their organizations? Should they be following specific ethics and guidelines?

Kaye: Beyond developing a framework of how communicators or marketers should be using AI, I recommend always partnering with your legal team and your safety team when it comes to leveraging these emerging platforms or tools. My caution for anyone using tools like ChatGPT would be to be conservative and mindful about what you are entering into these platforms.