Nonprofits Post Most about Vaccine; Highest Engagement for Brands Features Real People

If there’s any good news from 2020 it’s (for many) that several vaccines were approved and distribution has begun.

From November 1 to December 20, 2020, there were nearly 10 million consumer actions on brand and organization social posts mentioning “vaccine” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, per Shareablee, which provided this data to PRNEWS exclusively. Actions are the sum of shares, comments and likes.

The posts gaining the most engagement were mainly objective reporting or “positive updates about the vaccine,” says Madison Busick, a marketing analyst at Shareablee. “If you look at the top emojis (below), though, it is clear that some people have mixed feelings about the vaccine and, often, the discourse around vaccines,” she adds.

Excluding healthcare providers and media (the most obvious entities to post about the vaccine), the top poster by volume of content was AARP, with 31 posts on Facebook and 42 on Twitter. Confusion over who is next in line for the vaccine continues, and with older adults as one of the highest risk categories, it’s not a surprise that AARP content reigns over these platforms.

The most consumer engagement on Instagram and Twitter, though, came from PETA and ACLU, respectively. Both groups issued statements on their positions regarding the vaccine.

Neither of these activist groups registered the highest engagement average, though. That honor went to FIGS, whose 1 piece of content on Instagram received 19,285 actions. The medical scrubs provider’s sole post, of healthcare workers receiving their vaccines (wearing, of course, FIGS scrubs) indicates consumers’ preference for content that is a natural fit for brands they follow. And at this moment images showing real people getting vaccinated seem to resonate on social.