PR Preps Safety Narrative as CES Touts Smart Homes, Autonomous Vehicles

[Editor’s Note: It’s a PRNEWS tradition to offer a PR-focused preview of the CES Show in our January edition. As such, we interviewed communicators in late December 2021 who were scheduled to attend the Jan. 5-8 Las Vegas confab in person, as opposed to accessing the world’s largest tech show virtually. As the Omicron variant gathered momentum in the US prior to Christmas, a host of large players, including Amazon, AT&T, BMW, Google, Meta, Microsoft, P&G, Peloton and TikTok, T-Mobile, among others, announced suspension of in-person activities at CES. Later, on Dec. 31, CES owner the Consumer Technology Association cut one day off the show. In the end, in-person attendance was 40,000, less than 25 percent of the usual crowd (see chart below).

Nonetheless, we present our CES preview, offering insight into technology that will find its way into the PR pro’s orbit in various ways. In addition, we add a short section about presenting at CES and other events.]


As we’ve done for years, we asked PR pros headed to CES about technologies they expect to see that one day will be found in communicators’ offices. In addition, we inquired about CES technologies they believe communicators will be called on to explain to the public at some time.

Responding to the question about technologies that will find their way into PR offices, both Chip Scarinzi, SVP, deputy technology lead at Hill+Knowlton Strategies US, and Brett Larson, SVP, red & blue media strategies at Bospar, zero in on technologies for the home and the Internet of Things (IoT).


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