A PR Pro Picks Top Five Crises of 2019 [VIDEO]

As we head to the final weeks of the year, PRNEWS continues a tradition. We offer Solomon McCown & Company president Ashley McCown's picks of the top PR crises for the final 6 months of 2019. Her choices are contained in this short video.

Her choices for the first six months of the year are here.

Before viewing these short videos, try to guess which crises she's picked. There's a hint somewhere in this post. A crisis expert, McCown's choices are an eclectic pastiche of predictable crises and a few wild cards. Play the videos during tonight's happy hour with colleagues. (What? You're working so close to the holiday and there's no happy hour?)

For an historical perspective, you can view McCown's video about the top crises for the first six months of 2018 here. Her year-end 2018 crisis video is here.

Happy guessing.