A PR Pro Picks 2019’s Best PR Crises…So Far [VIDEO]

We're nearly at the halfway point for baseball season, but also for the calendar year. To mark the moment, we offer a regular feature as Solomon McCown & Company president Ashley McCown reveals her top PR crises of 2019's first six months. Even better, her picks are contained in a short video. You might recall McCown's video about the top crises for the first six months of 2018. Her year-end 2018 crisis video is here.

As we've done previously, we won't tip McCown's hand by revealing her picks. Not all of her crisis choices are centered on commercial brands, though her top pick is a global leader in its industry. Unlike previous years, when her picks seemed to hew to certain trends and concepts, such as authenticity and trust, this list is varied.

Since we're publishing this on hump day, we'll suggest a happy-hour activity. Gather the office gang at your favorite after-work place. See if co-workers can guess, in order, McCown's top five picks. Then reveal the picks by watching the video. Let the debates begin. The person who comes closest to McCown's list should drink for free. Enjoy.

You can find the video here.