Storytelling, Data and Personalization Help Debt-Forgiving Group Gain Notice

It's often the case, from startups to nonprofits, that explaining why something is innovative can exhaust a reporter (or potential donor). And that's before you get to the pitch!

In a fast-paced media landscape, cutting to the chase quickly is a priority. So, how do PR pros entice potential leads when the innovation is complex or technical (OK, read: snooze inducing)? The case of RIP Medical Debt is instructive.
The Set-up 
RIP is a donation-funded nonprofit. It purchases medical debt of patients living below the federal poverty level. These large portfolios are purchased for a fraction of their face value. Once it's made the purchase, RIP does something incredible. RIP abolishes the portfolio's individual debts. It sends letters to each person letting the individual know his or her debt or debts were erased at no cost to them. 

It’s an awesome model that turns the American debt industry on its head.


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