Technology Investor Magazine

270 Madison Ave.

New York, NY 10016

Editor-in-Chief Harry Newton got sick and tired of his hard-earned cash going to waste on traditional stocks. His monetary loss prompted him to create the soon-to-be-launched Technology Investor Magazine, which, he says, targets high-income investors interested in tips as to which technology stocks they should invest in and why. His mission: to excite potential investors about the money they can make if they turn to technology in the marketplace.


Editorial content will revolve around assessing the potential of technology stocks. Newton and co. welcome demonstrations from PR folks to this end.

Pitch stories about your company's technological innovations and product launches to Newton or Editor Aaron Brenner by fax (preferred method), phone, or mail. Newton says he's "hoping to see a lot of them."

Newton is especially interested in trends (i.e., networking stocks). Send mail, or pick a phone number: 212/685-4271, x200 or 212/206-7140. Or fax 209/797-9540. Or email:


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