7 Ways to Publicize Awards (Without Sounding Conceited)

Awards are more than just vanity plates. Winning an award is an exciting achievement for both individuals and companies, boasting a myriad of impactful business benefits—from generating visibility and enhancing credibility to differentiation from competitors and strong financial performance.

According to Best Business Awards, award-winning large companies experienced a 48% increase in operating income and a 37% growth in sales when compared to non-award winners, and award-winning small companies experienced a 63% increase in operating income, and a 39% growth in sales when compared to non-winners.

Although no one wants to come across as arrogant or braggy, it’s perfectly acceptable to share the news of your awards and accolades. Apply these seven tactics to publicize your awards in an authentic and meaningful way.

Share your exciting award news with a video

Make your prospects, customers, influencers and followers part of your special moment. Have a physical plaque or trophy? Proudly display it. They look impressive as background during Zoom calls.

Example: Thinkers50, a global platform that identifies, ranks, and shares leading management ideas, created a video with the #1 Ranked Thinker in the world and several 2023 Thinkers50 award recipients. While holding their trophies, the award winners talk about what winning the award means to them.

Display award logos as a “badge”

Displaying logos on your website, home page, or on a dedicated “awards & recognition” page with links to the official award website gives your SEO a boost and expands your digital footprint. This approach establishes your authority, lends credibility and lasts beyond the initial announcement.

Example: UX and technical design consultancy Limina elegantly showcases their awards as a footer on their website.

Amplify awards on your social media channels

Engage with the award organization’s social media posts, and post content to communicate the news. Congratulate all the winners, and when applicable, give credit to those who deserve it. Remember to update the “Honors & Awards” section of your personal LinkedIn account, too.

Example: In this LinkedIn post, CEO of ValueSelling Associates Julie Thomas humbly promotes her award-winning book while sharing the spotlight with the award organization Top Sales World and recognizing other award winners.

Email your database

Your current and previous clients, leads and partners may miss the news on your website or social platforms. A direct email informs them of your accomplishment and what it means to your business, along with a call to action reminding clients of your services.

Example: Thinkers50 emailed their database with the subject line, “Watch interviews with the #1 Ranked Thinker & Award Recipients.”

Ask employees to spread the news

Alert your employees of the award news first to let the positive effects ripple through the organization and boost morale. The public recognition of excellence and achievement instills a sense of pride and accomplishment, making employees feel valued and appreciated for their contributions. Encourage your employees to share the excitement of the award during conversations with customers, prospects and partners and with their social media followers.

Example: ValueSelling Associates employee Lisa Schnare, co-host of the company’s B2B Revenue Executive Experience Podcast, proudly shared the recognition she received for inclusion in a list of sales podcasts hosted (or co-hosted) by women. Lisa graciously thanked her publicist Maria Doyle, the list creator Lori Richardson, podcast co-host Carlos Nouche and podcast creator Chad Sanderson.

Add award logos to your communications materials

Include award logos in your email signatures, on a slide in your corporate presentation, and in your LinkedIn profile and website.

Example: Thomas proudly displays significant awards as part of her email signature.

Issue an official press release

Journalists and editors are always looking for newsworthy stories, and an award win can be part of a compelling narrative and a credibility factor.

Example: NTT DATA, a global innovator of IT and business services, issued a press release to announce winning multiple prestigious awards. A quote from the CEO acknowledges the efforts of the company’s employees and recognizes the award organizer.

The Takeaway: It’s okay to promote your awards and recognition

Awards are a great asset for large and small companies alike. They act as a form of external third-party validation since winners are selected by respected industry experts and impartial judges.

When your company receives recognition, apply these tactics to publicize your company’s exceptional work. It’s a unique selling point to be an award-winning company, as it enhances credibility and trust, so don’t keep it a secret. Prospects and customers are more likely to remember and choose a brand that has been acknowledged for its achievements.

Veronica Zanellato Kido is President of Kido Communications.