2012 Digital PR Awards: Blog

Winner: ESPN - ESPNFrontRow.com

ESPN’s public-facing corporate blog, Front Row, invites an inside look at ESPN, its culture and its people while encouraging two-way conversation with users.

Front Row is the source of record for ESPN’s perspective on topical issues and breaking news that relate to the company. The philosophy behind Front Row is simple and straightforward: Whenever you are sending out a press release, think of ways in which that release could be expanded upon with a post on Front Row.

The site was designed to be a forward-thinking, multi-dimensional page that speaks to both ESPN fans and media alike. ESPN’s vast resources and multimedia communications team, including Mike Soltys, Laurel Daggett, Sheldon Spencer, Rich Arden and David Scott, would allow for the production of compelling content on a daily basis. To help tell ESPN’s stories from the inside out, a goal for the site was to maximize the press releases that exist on ESPN Media Zone while aggressively using social media, specifically Twitter, to raise awareness and direct people to individual posts on Front Row.

A posting schedule of three original posts per day was established, aiming for two pieces of new content daily, with the hope that users to start their day with the site; share lunch there; and check in before they leave work. As a result, the page has produced 1,250 total Front Row posts and earned 1.9 million visits since 2011. 

Honorable Mentions

  • Charles Schwab - What I've Heard

  • Lockheed Martin - MFC Viewpoint

  • The National Archives and Records Administration – Today’s Document

  • Research in Motion - Straight to the Source: How the BlackBerry Blog Team Helped Customers Discover What They Love About PlayBook OS 2.0

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