2015 PR People Awards: Social Media Professional of the Year

Winner: Kelly Mahoney, CompTIA Social Media Manager

Kelly Mahoney is the acknowledged social media expert at CompTIA. She has transformed the position and elevated the profession of social media through her work. By combining the certification, advocacy, philanthropy and membership aspects of CompTIA’s business model, Mahoney has built a seamless strategy that serves many departments simultaneously.

She has instituted regular content planning sessions and has expanded social media’s influence outside the US by taking on a social media apprentice in the UK. She has also used CompTIA’s research archive to create “snackable” content – interesting tidbits and small images created specifically for social media.

Mahoney joined CompTIA in January 2015 and has made measurable improvements to its social media landscape. On its main Facebook page alone, she increased growth by 32 percent and organic reach by 180 percent in the first six months, as compared with the previous year. She has pioneered tweetchats for the organization, increased traffic to its website from social media, and augmented social media presence at its annual meeting, resulting in a 172 percent increase in traffic to its website via social media compared to the previous year.

Her eight social media webinars have attracted hundreds of attendees, and she has presented LinkedIn essentials as a professional conference for more than 100 in-person attendees. This has attracted media attention for the organization, leading its media partners to interview Mahoney for insights into how to do social media right.

Flexibility is the name of the game in social media, because this job requires around the clock attention and nurturing regardless of the time zone. To that end, Mahoney has worked to set up social media scheduling to maintain a consistent presence, and is always up for a challenge.

Honorable Mentions: N/A

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