Retired Army PAO Offers a Novel Way to Approach PR Crisis

November 25th, 2020 by

One of the most enjoyable parts of PR and communication is that you’re constantly learning, even when doing pleasure reading. In this post from Crisis Insider, we learn about two novels with fictional PR crises at their center. While these novels offer fictional crises, the lessons they offer PR pros are real and useful.

Different Not Indifferent: Public Still Craves Engagement on Thanksgiving

November 24th, 2020 by

It’s not news that Thanksgiving 2020 will look different for many families across America. But brands should not confuse different with indifferent. Americans remain hungry for turkey and all the holiday traditions. For brands that read the room, Thanksgiving offers potential opportunities to engage the public, writes veteran PR pro Mike McDougall.

Tonesterpaints making lime green paint on Tik Tok

Sherwin-Williams Paints Itself into a Social Media Crisis Corner

November 23rd, 2020 by

Sherwin-Willians seems to have missed out on a primary opportunity to not only utilize clever content, but promote employee creativity. The 154-year-old paint company surprised many consumers, not to mention Tik Tok users, when it fired a college senior after he garnered a large social media audience with paint-mixing videos. 

Typing on computer with Braille writer

How to Provide a More Accessible Experience in PR

November 20th, 2020 by

For many in PR, because of their own day-to-day experiences, the thought of accessibility for an audience may not register when strategizing communications. But the truth is that 61 million Americans live with a disability, according to the Center for Disease Control. And that is a sizable number to acknowledge when trying to release important information. 

PRNEWS Announces Honorees for PR People and Rising Stars Awards

November 20th, 2020 by

PRNEWS is pleased to announce the honorees for this year’s PR People and Rising Stars Awards. From internal communications and community relations to crisis management, media relations and beyond, the individuals recognized this year cover the wide breadth and depth of the industry.

Creative pitching during COVID

PR Pros Finding Creative Angles to Pitch During the Pandemic

November 19th, 2020 by

It’s not an easy time in general. Perhaps more so for media relations pros, who are pitching against several dominant stories and an eclectic pastiche of other items. Still, PR pros are nothing if not resourceful. The best are finding opportunities in the crowded field. Here are a few on November 19, 2020.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Rockefeller Tree Arrival Provides Lesson in Social Media Response

November 18th, 2020 by

‘Tis the season to break out of the COVID-19 doldrums and deck the halls. The holidays seem to be arriving even sooner, as many look to find joy via decorating, music and fixating (or trying to) on the spirit of the season, rather than 2020’s awful news. Queue the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, which arrived a bit worse for the wear. So, do you ignore its raggedy appearance or lean in and have fun?


PR Needs Bigger Role in DEI, Webinar Speakers Say

November 18th, 2020 by

For it to be most effective, DEI efforts need to expand beyond being a function of HR, according to panelists at this week’s PRNEWS webinar, “Communicating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Actions to External Stakeholders.” The question, then, becomes what PR’s role should be.

woman working on phone

Do Your Homework to Whittle Down That Media List

November 17th, 2020 by

There’s no definitive way to pitch. Some prefer to send out news to as many content providers as possible and see what sticks. Other media relations pros opt for pitching a few time-tested journalists. As we get ready to discuss these topics and more during PRNEWS’ Media Relations Next Practices Virtual Event (Dec. 8-9), Deshundra Jefferson, chief strategic communications officer with Credit Union National Association, gives us a look at her pitching philosophy.

Moderna Vaccine PR

Vaccine News Releases Promote Collaboration, Not Competition

November 16th, 2020 by

Upon first glance, you might think pharmaceutical companies are in a race to become the first to develop and administer a COVID-19 vaccine. This belief strengthens with every announcement coming out from Pfizer last week or Moderna, as we saw today. But communicators might want to look a little deeper, as a race can completely devalue the important, strategic work healthcare communicators do. The power of collaboration, rather than competition, emerges as the true message sent with each news release.