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There are two ways to view plunging into influencer marketing: necessity, or opportunity. According to Forbes, 47% of online consumers use ad blockers, giving brands and businesses reason to put their dollars behind influencers. With influencers across an array of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, on blogs and so on, most organizations are guaranteed to find worthy partnerships.

In this first edition of PRNEWS' Influencer Marketing Guidebook, readers will get guidance on how to enter and succeed in the world of influencer marketing. The eight-chapter guidebook covers everything from how to find and vet influencers, to influencer tactics, case study examples and legal considerations.

Guidebook contributor, Kara Hendrick, of Velcro Companies points out that influencers are "the ones with skills, audiences and creative craft that we as a brand don't have." Tapping into those resources unleashes a wealth of possibilities.  You'll learn how professionals at CiscoAdobeSAP, Ketchum and more are using this new strategy to their advantage and how you can do it for your organization.


  • How Smart Google Searches Can Help Your Influencer Effort in 5 Steps By Missy Voronyak and Katie Schutrop
  • How to Attract the Right Influencers for Your Brand, and Navigate the Risks By PRNEWS Editors
  • 7 Steps to Influencer Selection Success That Flows From a Strong Strategy By Ashley Butler
  • In the B2B Tech Space, It’s All About Your Niche and Your Micro-Influencers By Sylvia Laws
  • Partner With Influencers Outside Your Industry and Reach New Audiences By Nancy Vaughn
  • Without a Net: How a Hilton Resort Pulls Off Influencer Relations Sans Contracts By PRNEWS Editors
  • How Virginia Captures New Audiences and New ‘Lovers’ Through Influencers By PRNEWS Editors
  • Why Velcro Sticks to Working With Legal When Dealing With Influencers By PRNEWS Editors
  • How to Select the Data You Need to Find the Right Influencers for Your Brand By Danielle Lewis
  • Inside Influence: Creator Discovery and Vetting for Brand Marketers By Lauren McGrath
  • 5 Tips From an Agency Pro for Brands New to Influencer Marketing By PRNEWS Editors
  • How Much Influence? Tips and Tactics to Measure PR Influencer Success By Margot Savell
  • Close Chapter
  • Survey of Diabetes Influencers Reveals How Brands Can Build Stronger Ties By PRNEWS Editors
  • How to Hone Your Message-to-Influencer Match for Pitches That Pay Off By Michael Smart
  • How to Build Relationships With Influencers That Endure Beyond One Communications Campaign By PR News Editors
  • Survey: Influencers Abound, But Brands Still Need Help Managing Them By PRNEWS Editors
  • Why SAP Likes to View Influencer Marketing as a Long-Term Relationship By PRNEWS Editors
  • Influencer Marketing Is a Team Sport: The Risks and Rewards of Ambassadors By Shawn Kallet
  • Close Chapter
  • 7 Questions to Ask When Seeking Influencers in Your Own Ranks By Lisa Apolinski
  • How PR Can Play a Role in Training Employees to Be Brand Ambassadors By Morry Smulevitz
  • How Trust Helped Cisco Turn Employee Voices Into Its Best Recruiters By Carmen Shirkey Collins
  • Close Chapter
  • One Type of Influencer You May Have Overlooked: Your Customer By David Reimherr
  • How to React When Your Fans Speak for Your Brand (Without Being Asked) By Kira Clayborne
  • How to Deploy Brand Advocates When Promotions Are Crowding Social Media By Larissa Von Lockner
  • How GoDaddy Is Building an Expanding Tribe of Brand Advocates By PRNEWS Editors
  • Close Chapter
  • How Influencers Can Enhance Nonprofit and Political Fundraising Campaigns By Joshua Habursky & Brian Kaissi
  • Why and How to Make the Move From Mega-Influencers to Micro-Influencers By Jim Hopper & Peter Wells
  • How Influencer Marketing Can Transform the Small Business on a Small Budget By Simon Staib
  • How to Use Trends and Platform Insights for Successful Influencer Campaigns By Danielle Wiley
  • How to Become an Influencer and Set Yourself Up for Optimal Opportunities By Dannie Fountain
  • Win and Win: The Double-Sided Coin of Social Media Influencer Takeovers By Erica Gatlin
  • 3 Quick Fundamentals for Building an Influencer Program on Instagram By PRNEWS Editors
  • Close Chapter
  • How Health Prevention Campaigns and Online Influencers Can Work Together By Amelia Burke-Garcia & Ari Adams
  • How Barclaycard and JetBlue Used a Three-Pronged Influencer Approach By Nicole Dye-Anderson
  • How Trusted Influencers Motivated African-Americans to Get Vaccinated By Patricia Green
  • Executing Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy in Small Markets By Digna Joseph
  • The Power of the Nano-Influencer: ‘Scampers’ as a Microcosm of a Market By Christie M. Kleinmann & Kevin S. Trowbridge
  • How Micro-Influencers Had a Massive Impact for Dirt Devil Vacuums By Hailie Meyer-Warren
  • Influencer Lessons for Nonprofits From the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk Initiative By Melony Shemberger
  • Nutritious or Delicious: How to Use Influencers to Increase Your Cool Factor By Dean Taylor
  • How Princess Cruises Works With Influencers to Tell Stories Authentically By PRNEWS Editors
  • How a Major Brand Told a Relaunch Story Without Paid Media Support By Jennifer Reilly
  • The Secret Sauce for the Cranberry’s Social Media Win With Millennials By Michelle Hogan
  • Close Chapter
  • An Influencer’s Perspective on the Tricky Art of Managing Influencers By Jeff Kagan
  • What Google and Other Brands Do Right and Wrong When Dealing With Influencers By Hilary JM Topper
  • Close Chapter
  • How to Prevent Influencer Programming From Damaging Your SEO Strategy By Alayna Palgon
  • To Disclose or Not to Disclose: What You Need to Know About FTC Regulations By PRNEWS Editors
  • Tips to Work With Influencers & Agencies in the Aftermath of the FTC-Warner Bros. Case By PRNEWS Editors
  • Close Chapter

Featured Companies

This guidebook features case studies and contributions from companies like:

Influencer Marketing Guidebook Featured Company
Influencer Marketing Guidebook Featured Company
Influencer Marketing Guidebook Featured Company
Influencer Marketing Guidebook Featured Company
Influencer Marketing Guidebook Featured Company
Influencer Marketing Guidebook Featured Company


Here’s a sample of some of the exclusive content in this guidebook:

Influencer Marketing Guidebook Sample Article

How Trust Helped Cisco Turn Employee Voices Into Its Best Recruiters by Carmen Shirkey Collins

Influencer Marketing Guidebook Sample Article

How Barclaycard and JetBlue Used a Three-Pronged Influencer Approach by Nicole Dye-Anderson

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