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The PRNEWS’ Book of Content Marketing Strategies & Tactics features over 45 articles on topics including PR’s role in content marketing, sponsored content and native advertising, live events, webinars and video, content marketing for social media and visual storytelling.

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Content marketers are tasked with creating interesting, insightful content that delivers a branded message for their organization, brand or client. Creating great content has always been an open-ended and subjective challenge, but the task for content marketers doesn’t stop at creation.

Delivery is important as well, and choosing where an article or visual will be housed and shared from necessarily impacts how it’s made. Therein lies the mission for content marketers—creating excellent content while begging the question of where it will eventually be consumed.

On top of these challenges is a question of definitions. In an industry where some make sport of throwing around undefined, sometimes made-up words, vocabulary relating to content marketing increasingly frustrates the lexicographer. No one can seem to pinpoint the difference between “sponsored content,” “branded content” and “native advertising” with precision. At the same time, it seems that everyone is either a “brand journalist” or “thought leader,” while descriptions of those titles remain opaque.

In this 1st edition of PR News’ Book of Content Marketing Strategies & Tactics, these issues are met with over 45 articles. From agency practitioners and brand managers to leaders in technology and academics, our contributors bring insights from a variety of sectors and offer advice from their experience in producing and distributing content.

The current content marketing environment rewards determination and creativity, and we hope this book will help inspire both.


  • Content Marketing Offers Profitable Possibilities for PR Practitioners By Kiersten Lawson
  • Public Relations Needs to Be in the Driver’s Seat With Content Marketing By Sandra Brodnicki
  • Content Is Still King: Strengthening Brands Through Engaging Content By Nancy Marshall
  • Content Marketing: The Next Step in the Evolution of Public Relations By Karen Belletsky
  • What Makes a Successful Hybrid Public Relations/Content Marketing Strategy? By Khadija Magardie-Bradlow and Ima Peter
  • 5 Ways PR and Content Marketing Should Collaborate More Effectively By Jerry Goldstein
  • Maintaining a Consistent Thread of Purpose and Expertise in Content Marketing By Wendy Froehlich
  • 7 Lessons for Content Marketers from the World of Magazine Publishing By Robyn Mait Levine
  • Earned Media: The Nexus Between Public Relations and Content Marketing By Sarah Skerik
  • Close Chapter
  • Brand Journalism or Content Marketing? Either Way, It’s About Building Your Brand By Melony Shemberger
  • Everyone Has a Story: How to Bring Out the People in Your Brand’s Content By Bridget Nelson Monroe
  • Bleeding to Lead: Brand Journalism and Integrated Marketing Communications By Alex A.G. Shapiro
  • Shifting Your Brand From Traditional Thinking to a Newsroom Mentality By Lisa Kay Davis
  • Why Brand Journalism Is Becoming Content Marketing’s Secret Weapon By Lisa Arledge Powell
  • Close Chapter
  • The Importance of Being Native: Creating Less Intrusive, More Relevant Content By Gareth Davies
  • Relevant Content and Consumer Value Are Both Required for Native Advertising By Scott Dahlgren
  • The Survival of PR: How to Embrace Native Advertising and Sponsored Content By Laurie Mahoney and Sonal Moraes
  • Creating Remarkable Sponsored Content That Consumers Would Want to Pay For By Ana Maria Raynes
  • How to Amplify Your Owned and Earned Media with Content Discovery Platforms By Monica Bhandarkar
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  • Surveys in Thought Leadership: Showcasing Knowledge and Insight to Target Audiences By Bill Dalbec
  • Creating Blogs That Drive Traffic, Spur Conversation and Inspire Customer Loyalty By Danielle Leitch
  • 8 Steps To Building a Powerful, Scalable, Data-Driven Global Content Engine By Kyle Lacy
  • Thought Leadership as Brand Strategy: Establishing Your Voice and Perspective By Gigi Westerman
  • 5 Steps To Building a Successful, Targeted Thought Leadership Campaign By Jan Luongo
  • The News Junkie’s Edge: Using Current Events to Develop and Pitch Content By Diane G. Velasco
  • 5 Powerful Ways to Become a Thought Leader Through Optimized Blogging By Drew Harden
  • Content Creation and Bloggers: Strategies For Acquiring the Best Content Possible By Kristen Matthews
  • Why Having an Executive-Run Corporate Blog Is Vital for the Modern Company By Ronn Torossian
  • It Starts With Content: The Anatomy of an Effective Thought Leadership Strategy By Shawn Paul Wood
  • Close Chapter
  • Finding Your North Star: Using Brand Narrative to Create Compelling Content By Matthew Cannington
  • 10 Steps for Planning and Executing a Successful, Engaging Twitter Chat By Dylan Tyne
  • Strength in Numbers: A Facebook Community for People with Parkinson’s Disease By Eric Waters
  • The Path to Effective Social Content Is Always Paved with Consumer Insights By Ian Giles
  • Improving on 115+ Years of Success: Transferring from Ink to Internet By Karyn Guerrero
  • 4 Steps for Growing Your Visibility and Staying Updated on Twitter and Facebook By Kelly Cooper
  • Integrate Your Content Marketing in Search and Social Media for Enhanced Success By Melissa Harden and Anna Leavenworth
  • Close Chapter
  • Coca-Cola’s Happiness Flag: Creating a Crowdsourced Experience at the World Cup By Stacy Verner
  • Enter the ‘Binary Matrix:’ An In-Depth Look at a Multi-Touch Technology Event By Erin Dunkel
  • Give Traditional PR Events a Digital Dimension with Diverse, Quality Content By Nicole Mehr
  • How to Use Social Media to Promote, Enhance and Extend Your Live Event By Marissa A. Pierce
  • Close Chapter
  • Animation and Information Dissemination: The Keyframes to Storytelling Success By Amelia Burke-Garcia and Adam Finch
  • Explainer Videos, Explained: The Art and Craft of Telling Your Story with Visuals By Edo Amin Elan
  • 9 Tips for Successfully Harnessing Visual Storytelling on Social Media By AJ Gerritson
  • Video Production: An Essential Addition to Your Public Relations Toolkit By Jeffrey S. Morosoff
  • When Words Are Not Enough: Telling Stories Through Data Visualization By Joe Leider
  • Viva La Visual Revolution: How the New Visual Conversation Is Changing PR By Sarah Browne
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Featured Companies

This guidebook features case studies and contributions from companies like:

Content Marketing Guidebook Featured Company
Content Marketing Guidebook Featured Company
Content Marketing Guidebook Featured Company
Content Marketing Guidebook Featured Company
Content Marketing Guidebook Featured Company
Content Marketing Guidebook Featured Company


Here’s a sample of some of the exclusive content in this guidebook:

Content Marketing Guidebook Sample Article

A sample article: Content Marketing Offers Profi table Possibilities for PR Practitioners By Kiersten Lawson

Content Marketing Guidebook Sample Article

An excerpt from Earned Media: The Nexus Between Public Relations and Content Marketing By Sarah Skerik

Content Marketing Guidebook Sample Article

An excerpt from Why Brand Journalism Is Becoming Content Marketing’s Secret Weapon By Lisa Arledge Powell

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