Media Moves

In National News: William Nolan, senior editor building/remodeling, retires
after 20+ years with Better Homes & Gardens. Shawn Gilliam, technical and
projects editor, replaces him. Gilliam: 1716 Locust Street, Des Moines, IA 50309-3023
... Fred Lebolt, VP of Chicago Sun-Times Interactive, leaves. No replacement
yet named. Contact John Carey, director, with site inquiries: 312/321-2500 ...
David Corvo, VP at NBC News, joins "Dateline NBC" as executive producer. He
oversees "Dateline" and other programs "Dateline" produces for the Discovery
Channel and MSNBC. NBC promotes Marc Rosenwasser to "Dateline" executive editor
and executive producer of Tom Brokaw's documentaries on NBC. 212/664- 7501 ...
Bonnie Fuller resigns as editor-in-chief of Glamour. Cindi Leive, Self's editor-in-chief,
replaces her. Contact Maurie Perl at Glamour: 212/286-5893 ... The San Francisco
Chronicle promotes Kenneth Howe to business editor. Send technology news to; send
business information to
... Beth Berselli, staff writer at The Washington Post, leaves to become a teacher
with Teach for America. Barbara Martinez takes over Berselli's responsibility
for "Reliable Source," a Tuesday through Friday column on celebrities, politicians
and Washington insiders. Contact:
In Business/ Financial: Mark Lacter, senior editor of Forbes, leaves. He rejoins
The Los Angeles Business Journal as editor. No replacement will be named. Contact
Seth Lubove, bureau manager,
Contact Lacter at 323/549-5225 beginning June 11. Amy Doan leaves
For information regarding her technology and business coverage, contact the
West Coast bureau: 650/558-4800 ... promotes Daniel Bernstein
to reporter. Daniel.Bernstein@thestreet.
com. Nelson Wang shifts from senior editor to Personal Finance editor. 212/321-5000.
In IT: John Godfrey, executive editor of FamilyPC, leaves to join Glamour as
senior editor.
Send software and games info to Emily Friedlander, staff editor at FamilyPC,
Send hardware information to Tracy Epp,