How Cox Communications Deploys a Framework on Social Issues

With the PRNEWS Social Media Workshop coming up virtually October 25, we’re giving readers and soon-to-be attendees a chance to meet some speakers.

The event's theme is "Using Social Media in Times of Unrest." It will cover the changing role of social media, social media governance and communicating brand perspectives on social, among other topics.

In this brief Q&A, Rachel Negretti, senior director of brand strategy & new media, Cox Communications, previews her session about being proactive during the 24/7 news cycle.

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PRNEWS: Your team responds to social issues rather than reacts to the day's news. Please describe what this process looks like and how you decide which issues to take on?

Rachel Negretti, Senior Director of Brand Strategy & New Media, Cox Communications

Rachel Negretti: There has to be a role for the brand. So, we tackle issues that connect to our purpose in an authentic way. [We have a] framework that helps narrow the playing field–and evaluates both impact and fit for the brand.

PRNEWS: Tell us about the framework. What departments are involved?

Negretti: It takes a village for sure! Leveraging a cross-functional team from media, PR and Brand, we identify cultural conversations where the brand can play a role–in a proactive and not reactive way. There’s a framework for determining brand fit and whether the brand can authentically speak to the topic.

PRNEWS: Are these social-first campaigns? How do you utilize Cox’s social channels to maximize the message to your audiences?

Negretti: They are digital-first. As social media is the most authentic channel to engage audiences around social impact issues, it’s a critical channel for us in the digital ecosystem.

Social media can be a volatile channel. [During the event] I'll share lessons learned about which platforms lend themselves to honest dialogue and which lean toward trolling or venting behaviors.