Facebook in 2013: Move Away From Number of ‘Likes’

Krisleigh Hoermann

It’s time to take Facebook to the next level, says Krisleigh Hoermann, social media strategist for the American Heart Association.

This year AHA is moving to a more visual-based strategy on Facebook for deeper engagement. “In 2012 we started moving away from the number of followers, and moved toward better engagement,” Hoermann says. So 2013 will feature more photos and videos, which are proven engagement drivers.

Hoermann, who has PR/social media experience in a number of industries, including healthcare, retail, energy and finnance, will present on “Boost Your Reach on Facebook With Content the News Feed 'Likes'"  on Feb. 27 at PR News’ Digital PR Summit in San Francisco. We recently spoke with her about trends on Facebook, what makes a good Facebook post and texting Mark Zuckerberg.

PR News: How do you see Facebook trending with communicators this year? What's in and what might be out?

Krisleigh Hoermann: Brands are moving away from just Likes or engagement, and moving toward engaging relevant content. Cat videos and kids are cute—but only if it makes sense for your brand. Facebook is always changing. Try different types of posts, at different times, on different days to see what resonates best with your community.

PR News: What are a couple of attributes that make a quality Facebook post?

Hoermann: The more rich you can make your messaging, the better. Use video, photo and links. Request feedback, when possible. Stick to messaging that fits your brand personality.

PR News: What's one piece of advice you'll be imparting to the audience at the Digital PR conference in S.F.?

Engagement is key, but building brand advocates on Facebook are a must. It's one thing to have a lot of Likes. It's better to have relevant engagement. If you can nurture ambassadors for your brand, they'll carry your messages and drive conversation on your behalf.

PR News: Facebook has been testing “extreme price points” to see what customers would pay to send messages to non-friends. Would you pay $100 to be able to get a text to Mark Zuckerberg?

Does it come with dinner and a movie?

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  • JJ

    Does anyone ever proof what they write before sending out nationally anymore??

  • nacinla

    building brand advocates on Facebook IS a must