2013 Platinum PR Awards: PSA

Winner: Bristol-Myers Squibb with Ogilvy Public Relations - Men and Melanoma: The Unexposed Target

Raising awareness can sometimes be the best measure for prevention and early detection of several diseases. Ogilvy and Bristol-Myers Squibb agrees, which is why they set out to elevate melanoma awareness for men.

PSAs are effective for disseminating a message, but a message isn’t always enough. That is, sometimes it’s essential to do more than just inform—sometimes an effective PSA needs to be a call to action, too.

Three primary objectives were targeted for Ogilvy and Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Men and Melanoma: The Unexposed Target PSA.

First, elevate the profile of melanoma. What that means is educate men on the warning signs, dangers and actions necessary to combat melanoma.

Second, impact public behavior. This is an ambitious goal, and one that is essential to the PSA’s purpose. Simply put, the objective was to encourage individuals to take a more active role in their skin health and understand what’s at stake.

Third, drive early detection by offering screenings around the U.S.

Pulling it off took an all-in approach through recruiting influential spokespeople from the NFL, launching grassroots screening programs, rolling out a comprehensive website and leveraging social media to drive conversations about melanoma.

The PSA campaign exceeded all expectations and captured 159 million media impressions while leading to the screening of 1,800 adults nationwide.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Cablevision & The Lustgarten Foundation - Real Kids Fighting Pancreatic Cancer
  • Counterpart International - A Child’s Sadness : Fighting Domestic Violence in Azerbaijan
  • Kaiser Permanente - Walk-And-Talk with Every Body Walk!
  • Lifetime Television - Your Life. Your Time. Your Vote
  • Molina Healthcare, Inc. -Thank You Molina
  • Yum! Brands Inc. - World Hunger Relief