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Annual Reports and Sustainability Reports

Deloitte 2016 Global Impact Report (Winner, Best Annual Report, 2017 Platinum PR Awards)

You, With IBM, 2016 Annual Report*

Ferrovial, 2016 Integrated Annual Report*

Pepsico, 2016 Annual Report*

* Finalist, Best Annual Report, 2017 Platinum PR Awards

Earlier Reports


Discovery Communications

Hawaii Community Foundation

Yellowstone Park Foundation

Sustainability Reports

Air Canada [Note: In 2017 the Finance and Sustainability Initiative (FSI) judged Air Canada's 2015 report Canada's best corporate sustainability report, transportation.]

Coca Cola (2016 Report)


Hormel Foods

JPMorgan Chase


Case Studies

How Arby's Found Its Voice Under Pharrell's Hat

Managing An Unpopular Stance: The Boston Bar Association and the Boston Marathon Bombers

How a Resort Used Old-Fashioned Networking to Gain National Exposure

Content Marketing

[to come]

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

BlackRock Chairman/CEO Larry Fink's Letter to CEOs (Jan. 16, 2018)

Aflac CSR Report (Nov 2017) 

Aflac CSR Report (Nov 2016)

Crisis Management (see also For The Record below) 

The Crisis Plan Cheat Sheet

Internal Crisis Communications Cheat Sheet

Issues Management Cheat Sheet

Crisis Management Special Report 2016

Developing and Maintaining Emergency Operations Plans: A FEMA document that helps organizations create crisis plans.


Uber's First Diversity Report (March 2017)

For The Record

Statements of interest to PR and marketing professionals from brands, organizations and individuals. Dates of articles in PR News that refer to the statements are enclosed in editor's brackets. Items are arranged in chronological order, with the latest items listed first.

A Feb. 28, 2018, statement by the U.S. Olympic Committee announcing "significant changes to further protect athletes." The news release also announces the resignation of CEO Scott Blackmun, who, it said, was stepping down due to "ongoing health issues resulting from prostate cancer." Since Blackmun is widely acknowledged to have ignored for years complaints about the sexual abuse of gymnasts by Dr. Larry Nassar, the statement is a classic example of an organization's attempt to obfuscate the truth.

A Feb. 26, 2018, statement by FedEx regarding its stance on assault rifles and the N.R.A.

A Feb. 2, 2018, op-ed column by Virginia Heffernan that claims "lying to the media is traditionally called PR." PRSA chief Anthony D'Angelo's response to the column is here.

A Jan. 16, 2018, letter from BlackRock Chairman/CEO Larry Fink to CEOs about CSR 

A Jan. 6, 2018, letter from JANA Partners and the CA State Teachers' Retirement System urging Apple to consider the damage iPhones are having on children and teens.

Apple's Dec. 28, 2017, statement about slowing performance in its older iPhones, allegedly to increase the phones' battery life.  [See PR News: Jan. 9, 2018]

Twitter's Dec. 18, 2017, Rules for Reducing Hateful Conduct and Abusive Behavior. The rules contained in this policy fueled critics' charges that President Trump's Twitter account should be silenced when he tweeted belligerent messages about nuclear war with North Korea. [See PR News, Dec. 19, 2017 and Jan. 9, 2018]

Celebrity chef Mario Batali's Dec. 11, 2017, initial statement re allegations of sexual misconduct. A subsequent message from Chef Batali in his newsletter of Dec. 15, 2017, re-used the previous apology but also included a holiday cinnamon bun recipe, which critics felt was inappropriate given the situation. [See PR News: Dec. 19 and Dec. 12, 2017]

PBS host Charlie Rose's Nov. 20, 2017, statement re allegations of sexual misconduct. [See PR News: Nov. 21, 2017]

Comedian/actor/producer Louis C.K.'s Nov. 10, 2017, statement re allegations of sexual misconduct. [See PR News: Nov. 15, 2017]

A timeline of statements United Airlines issued in April 2017 reacting to the forced removal of Dr. David Dao from one of its flights on April 9, 2017. Initially, United failed to apologize; the next day CEO Oscar Munoz  apologized, but did so without mentioning Dr. Dao and apologized for having to “re-accomodate...customers." Later in the day he changed course.

Equifax's Sept. 7, 2017, initial statement re its mid-May 2017 data breach that compromised 143 million Americans' credit information.  [See PR News: Dec. 19, 2017 and Sept. 19, 2017]

BP CEO Tony Haywood tells an interviewer he'd like his life back in the early stages of the April 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. [VIDEO]

Influencers (and working with them; see also Social Media Policy below)

FTC Endorsement Guides (2017) 

FTC's First Case Against Individual Influencers is Settled (Sept, 2017)

FTC Advertising Endorsements (2017)

A Sample Legal Agreement Between a Brand and an Influencer

Federal Trade Commission Documents  (2016, Native Advertising: A Guide)

Federal Trade Commission Documents  (2016, What People are Asking)

Federal Trade Commission Documents Re Online Advertising and Influencers (Dotcom Disclosures)

Federal Trade Commission and Lord & Taylor

Federal Trade Commission and Warner Bros.

Interactive Newsrooms

Coca-Cola Journey: An amazing amount of information here, although overwhelming at times and you must sign away your life to send a message to a press contact. Still it is a relatively friendly site for journalists.

ESPN Media Zone: Keeping media informed about this huge and diverse company is difficult, but the Bristol folks do it well with traditional outreach and their mediazone site.

Red Bull Content Pool: In common with Coca-Cola and ESPN, this media area feels a bit like a fan site. On the other hand, it’s graphically pleasing and we like how media members can click on a story and be offered photos and other content to supplement their work.

Internal Communication and Team Building

National Association of Manufacturers' communications team org chart

Southwest Airlines' social business org chart

Digital Dream Team org chart

Pacific Northwest Laboratory Communications-IT org chart

Mayo Clinic social media policy template

SHIFT Communications social media policy template

Live Presentations to Learn By

James Howard Kunstler: The ghastly tragedy of the suburbs (There is some profane language here, but it serves to underscore the passion Kunstler has for his topic.)

Hans Rosling: The best stats you've ever seen (The word data often is feared when it comes to presentations. But data can be extremely engaging; you just have to present it in an effective form.)

Joe Smith: How to use a paper towel (What makes this odd little talk so engaging? Its pure practicality. You can walk away from this and immediately put it into action, making a small part of your life more efficient.)

Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music (Enthusiasm, humor and relatability are key in this presentation about getting an audience to understand and appreciate something foreign to them.)


The State of Data-Driven Communications Strategies: A 2017 report from PR News and PublicRelay.

The Barcelona Principles 2.0

AMEC's Integrate Evaluation Framework: A framework that helps PR professionals put the Principles (see above) into action.

AMEC's The PR Professional's Definitive Guide to Measurement (2017): A terrific resource for measurement.

Dashboards, How to Choose Them

Katie Paine's Measurement Classroom

Katie Paine's Dashboard Recipe

Katie Paine's 5 Metrics That Mean Something 

PR News' Special Report on Measurement


Media Relations (see also Interactive Newsrooms above)

An excellent example of an interactive press release.

Media Pitching and Media Relations Training

Avoiding an Interviewer's Question on Live TV Often is a Mistake (video)

Do’s and Don’ts to Get You Started With Volunteer Spokespeople

3 Places to Insert Messages

Media Pitching Tips from Michael Smart (video)

More Media Pitching Tips from Michael Smart (video)

PR Person Interrupting Interview of Ken Starr is a Bad Move  (video)

Staying Positive During an Interview Despite Bad News  (video)

Structuring Your Messaging Playbook

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Broadcast Interview

Media Trends

Reuters Institute Digital News Report (2017)

PR News Exclusive Research

2018 PR News Salary Survey

2016 PR News Salary Survey: PR Compensation and Benefits Report

2015 PR News Salary Survey: PR Compensation and Benefits Report

2016 PR News Measurement Survey: Awareness of Barcelona Principles Trending Upward Slowly

2016 PR News/Nasdaq Crisis Preparedness Survey

2015 PR News Survey: The State of PR and Emerging Social Media Platforms and Apps

2015 PR News/Nasdaq Survey: The State of PR Measurement—Industry Benchmarking


Reputation Management (see also CSR above)

Image Patrol: Lessons in Crisis Delusion; UK PM Cameron and UC Davis’ Katehi

Image Patrol: Sharapova Sponsors and Whole Foods’ Oranges: Brand Crisis in the Fast Lane

Image Patrol: Integrity, Passion Distinguish Boston Globe From Lumosity in Crisis Mode

Image Patrol: Chipotle & Theranos Differ on Crisis Management, Results Similar Though



SEO tips from Google

SEO Special Report


Social Media 

National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and Social Media: An important one-pager for brand lawyers and communicators. It concerns brands' social media policies and whether or not they infringe on employees' freedom of speech rights.

Emerson College's Social Media Guidelines

ESPN's Social Media Policy for Employees

Nestlé USA General House Rules for Social Media 

NLRB ruling in Chipotle Case

Nordstrom's Social Media Policy for Employees

NY Times Issues Social Media Guidelines for Employees: (Also included is the Times' Newsroom's Ethical Guidelines) 

Social Media Special Report

16 Social Media Guideline Tips from Brands


Visual Storytelling

How a Federal Laboratory Distilled 3 Months of PR Activity into 1 Cool Page



Dash It All—or Rather, Don’t.

Check Yourself: Are You Using These Words and Phrases Incorrectly?

How to Write Long- and Short-Form PR That Will Engage Non-Readers

Six Tips to Help You Transform Bland Speeches Into Exciting Narratives

Six Tips to Make Your Writing Great