Tips and Tricks for a Successful Broadcast Interview

This piece is excerpted from Maura Fitzgerald's article "Making the Most Out of Broadcast: Turning Your Exec Into a Media Star" in the PR News Media Training Guidebook, Volume 6.

■Dress conservatively. For men, a dark suit and blue shirt is best. Avoid loud ties or ties with small patterns. For women, wear a dark-colored outfit in solid colors.

■Don’t wear white. It casts unflattering light on the face and causes problems for TV cameras.

■Men should unbutton their suit jacket while seated, button it when standing. Sitting on the back of the suit jacket will help create a wrinkle-free line.

■Most studios are cold until the lights are turned on, and then become quite warm. Mid-weight clothing is the most comfortable choice.

■Don’t wear large, shiny or noisy jewelry.


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