The Do’s and Don’ts to Get You Started With Volunteer Spokespeople

This piece is excerpted from Rosalyn Mandola's article "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Volunteer Social Media Engagements" in the PR News Media Training Guidebook, Volume 6.

DO – Provide guidelines with “must know” info for your industry or company.

DON’T – Make it a 40-page document with too many rules and regulations.

DO – Take the time to vet your poten- tial volunteer spokespeople. Are they engaging, well-spoken, well-versed in your field, or have a compelling personal story?

DON’T – “Voluntell” someone that he or she is now your new spokesperson.

DO – Host a well-thought-out training session. Make sure your volunteer is equipped with materials, support and expectations.

DON’T – Just tell them to “Get right to it!” This is just setting you both up to fail.

DO – Run a beta test. Find a single event or opportunity to “audition the process” with a great potential volunteer.


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