Issues Management Cheat Sheet

Mitigating and Responding to Risk
Here are some top-line tips for managing tough issues:

Be prepared. No matter what your industry, there is a security “pain point” that you should 
When creating a risk mitigation plan, be open to the input of others outside your company.
But, ultimately, trust your own company’s experience, expertise and nuances to create a custom 
Consider the entire company when developing a plan (not just managers or executives).
Build an escalation plan into the infrastructure.
Stick to the plan. Stay disciplined about what your messages are and who is responsible for 
delivering them.
Choose a point person for media inquiries.
Consider what your communications are within the company walls—and keep them consistent 
with external messaging.
If you are working with a law enforcement agency, make sure to establish—clearly and early 
on—what their expectations are of your company.
 When working with multiple law enforcement agencies, reduce confusion or misinformation by 
keeping the points of contact to a minimum.


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