Will DOMA Ruling Open Door for More Inclusive Brand Messaging?

Image: Benson Kua
Image: Benson Kua

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled that the Defense Against Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional, as it violates the Fifth Amendment. As the courts finally begin to catch up with the way that attitudes in our culture are changing, this is a chance for brands to get ahead of the curve and reach out to all kinds of consumers and families.

That said, don't follow Chick-fil-A's president Dan Cathy, who tweeted, "Sad day for our nation; founding fathers would be ashamed of our gen. to abandon wisdom of the ages re: cornerstone of strong societies.”

The historic Supreme Court ruling should instead serve as a reminder to brands that messaging needs to be more inclusive than it has been in the past—that there are many kinds of people and many kinds of families that need to be represented.

Here are some brands that have already voiced their support, via Mashable and AdWeek.

  • Gap posted a picture on Facebook of two men embracing, with the caption, "Gap: Always Be One."

  • Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants' Facebook post featured two champagne glasses with this message: "Today’s a step in the right direction and we can’t wait for the day when all of our employees and guests (in all states!) can marry the one they love. At Kimpton, we’re all for equality and we’re all for love."

  • Mastercard tweeted the following message of support: "When different people come together it's not just beautiful, it's #Priceless. All around the world #AcceptanceMatters!"

  • Users who searched "gay" yesterday on Google saw the trademark LGBT rainbow surrounding the search bar.

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