Use of Data and Social Are Key Trends for Advocacy PR

[Editor’s Note:In this new feature we ask PR pros to spot trends and discuss how to react to them. Our first interview is with advocacy PR guru Karen Moore.]

Data-Driven Communications: This is an integral component of any successful marketing endeavor. It’s also true for advocacy. Organizations must rely on data to help elevate key performance indicators, which will increase the success of their advocacy campaign. Companies need to consider how they can collect more data, including digital media, and become even more sophisticated in automating strategies and tactics based on the data collected.

Using Social Media for Public Affairs: This can deliver big results if done well. Social media presents an opportunity to reach elected officials, reporters, advocacy groups and other thought leaders in a broader and often more efficient way. Many organizations are adept at using social media to elevate their brand—it’s not different for advocacy. It starts with building social influence, then leveraging that influence to result in a bigger advocacy voice, all while increasing engagement and awareness around the issue.


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