Tip Sheet: Content, Deep Engagement Drive B2B Comms

As 2010 was coming to a close, Arketi Group hosted a roundtable of more than 30 PR and marketing executives from leading business-to-business companies. The group gathered to discuss the current and future state of marketing and PR in the B2B tech sector.
Most executives in the group were much more optimistic about the 2011 business environment than was the case in the previous year, and some were even bold in their predictions. One stated, “we’re going to go in aggressively,” while another remarked, “we need to plan on growth… [after being] flat for three years.”
Some consistent themes emerged from the roundtable, including the following.
â–¶ Recruiting Content Creators Inside and Out: Content remains the lifeblood of today’s marketing and PR departments. Generating relevant and quality content for an ever-wider array of communications channels has for many become more than a full-time job.
Among the tactics discussed by the group was reaching deep within the organization to leverage colleagues outside the marketing and PR teams to generate content.
One executive had created a “Communications Alliance” in which she handpicked the people in the company—“not the vice presidents who get invited to everything”—but those who can write. These unsung employees are now part of a 50-person network that she taps regularly for content creation.
â–¶ Influencing Influencers with Strategic Social Media: There was no doubt that social media is established as a legitimate communications channel. Nearly everyone had all the popular social media channels in play—Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and blogs.


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