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Speaker Presentations

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How Brand Communicators Are Using Google Analytics to Get the Data They Need
Jon Silver, Digital Director, Golin, @jonmsilver
Jocelyn Whittenburg, Product Marketing Manager, Google

SEO Tactics for Right-Brained PR Pros and Marketers
Simon Heseltine, Global SEO Business Lead, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, @SimonHeseltine
Tony Edward, Senior SEO Manager, Elite SEM, @tonyenyc

Case Studies: Successful SEO Initiatives Led by Communicators
Joseph McElroy, CEO, Galileo Tech Media, @josephmcelroy
Mandy Menaker, Head of PR and Brand Development, Shapr, @mandymenaker, @wearshapr

How to Make Your YouTube Channel a Brand-Building Powerhouse
Stephanie Chan, Editorial and Video Producer, Cisco, @stephellenchan
Tod Plotkin, Principal, Green Buzz Agency, @GreenBuzzAgency

Use Google AdWords to Put Your Brand in Front of the Right Audiences
George Weiner, Founder & CEO, Whole Whale, @WholeWhale
Serena Sidawi, Manager of Digital and Communications, One Love Foundation, @join1love