Top Case Studies in Communications Guidebook

Each case study in this 200+ page guidebook will offer you a wide variety of tactics and strategies from which to learn and apply to your own initiatives. Through interviews with communications team members and key executives, our case study editors are able to give you first-hand accounts of how a campaign was executed – from soup to nuts.

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Each case study in this guidebook, ranging from crisis management to internal communications
to product launches and beyond, lays out the objectives at hand and a firsthand account of how
the campaign was executed. Our authors give you an inside look at the workings of their cases
and point out how the tactics and strategies therein can be applied to your own initiatives.

For example, Linda Rutherford of Southwest Airlines walks readers through how her team dealt
with a potentially devastating technical outage. Her advice is sometimes counterintuitive—don’t
play it too safe, she says, and try new tools you may not be perfectly comfortable with yet if they
get the job done.

For Conservation International, novelty also played a factor: The brand’s foray into 360-degree
video was complicated, and marketing director Maureen McCarty describes what she learned
about how to roll out such a campaign—and that sometimes, less communication can be more.
Throughout these case studies, we offer you bonus materials such as calendars, org charts,
checklists and visual examples to make it easier to put the wealth of advice you find here to work
for you. We thank our expert authors for sharing the methods behind their accomplishments, and
we hope you can build on their work to create the great communications campaigns of tomorrow.


  • How to Deepen Media Relationships and Get Coverage Without a Press Release By Ruthann Campbell
  • Making a Masterpiece: How to Create Tourism & Arts Media Campaigns By Gayle Conran
  • How to Use Social Media to Create Winning Conditions for Reporter Outreach Gaven Dumont
  • How an International Brand Broke Into the U.S. Through Strategic Media Relations By Michael Gelormino
  • Media Pitching Lessons From the Purring Engine of GM’s PR Team By Michael Smart
  • Close Chapter
  • How to Design a Trade Show Marketing Strategy That Delivers Results By Michelle Bizon
  • How a Big Mac-Dispensing ATM Helped Get Boston Buzzing About McDonald’s By Annie Perkins
  • Turning a Product Sampling Opportunity Into an Oat-ally National Health Movement By Maeve Governey
  • Close Chapter
  • How a Resort Used Old-Fashioned Networking to Gain National Exposure By Cessie Cerato
  • Pharrell’s Hat and Jon Stewart’s Frenemy: How Arby’s Succeeded by Staying Flexible By Christopher Fuller and Brendan Streich
  • I Can See Clearly Now: Abbott Uses Clarity, Levity to Make LASIK Appealing By Krysta Pellegrino and Michael Sullivan
  • Parking Reboot: How a Startup Used Serendipity to Grab Media at Low Cost By Kevin Dougherty and Samantha Wolf
  • How the Economist Group Tapped VR, 3-D, Food and Sports to Tout Porsche By Teresa Palagano
  • How an Integrated Campaign Met the Challenge of Two Skeptical Demo Groups By Rob Catlin and Megan Driscoll
  • How a 17-Year-Old Brand Changed Public Perception in 12 Packed Days By Chris Albert
  • How a Campaign With Claws Can Challenge the King of Your Category Jungle By Jean Broders
  • Using Media and Thought Leadership to Promote the Book of a First-Time Author By Adam Friedman
  • How a Pittsburgh DIY Duo Attracted Millions of Viewers for Its TV Debut By Erin O’Connor & Hollie Geitner
  • 60x30TX: Launching a High-Impact Strategic Education Plan for Texas By Kelly Carper Polden
  • Close Chapter
  • A 2-Step Approach to Integrating Communications and Business Teams By Charlene DeBar
  • How a Fast-Growing Nonprofit Rebuilt Its PR Team Using Agency Principles By Marisa Long
  • Telling the Story of Your Government Agency or Nonprofit Organization By Louise Grasmehr
  • How a Company-Wide Newsletter Helped Shape a Cohesive Brand Culture By Sally Cooper Smith
  • Close Chapter
  • How Influencers and 360-Degree Video Helped Duck Tape Fly High By Krista Baddour
  • How Paid and Unpaid Influencer Seeding Can Yield Celeb-Level Results By Betsi Schumacher
  • How to Establish Solid Trust in the Brand by Means of the Personal Story By Nadia Vaneva
  • Close Chapter
  • The Secret Sauce for the Cranberry’s Social Media Win With Millennials By Michelle Hogan
  • How Visual Storytelling Through Social Media Helped Humanize a Brand By Marissa Pick
  • How a Positive, Community-Focused Social Media Campaign Can Drive Engagement By Kevin Langin
  • Facebook Live Is the New Live TV: Book Spots on Brand Streams for Better Reach By Peg Samuel
  • What Works and Doesn’t Work for Facebook Live: A Library’s Perspective By Roy L. Williams
  • How Conservation International Used High Tech Video While Dodging Its Obstacles By Maureen McCarty
  • Close Chapter
  • How to Manage the Media Heat: PR Lessons From the French Train Heroics By PR News Editors
  • Life and Death Communication: CDC’s Lessons From the Ebola Epidemic By Jana L. Telfer
  • Instinct & Hope: A PR Person’s Lessons From a Life-Threatening Crisis By Emily Lenzner
  • 7 PR Lessons From the Largest Healthcare Data Breach in History By Anna Keeve
  • Southwest’s Collaborative, Innovative Response During a Nationwide Outage By Linda Rutherford
  • Close Chapter
  • Getting Better at Doing Good: How Aflac Transformed its CSR Program By Jon Sullivan
  • How Home Depot Helped Vets and Communicated It Strategically By Bradford Walton
  • JetBlue’s Reputation Soars: Communicating With Company, Crewmembers and Community By Tamara Young
  • A Multi-Platform Approach to Generating Awareness in Stakeholder Communications By Christine Mackin
  • Close Chapter
  • From Hard Science to Social Shares: Ideas for Bridging the Awareness Gap By Carolyn Barth
  • How a Former Brand PR Pro Upgraded a Church’s Earthly Messaging By Megan Ferrell
  • How to Make 2+2=8 Through Integrated Marketing Communications Strategies By David Landis
  • Close Chapter

Featured Companies

This guidebook features case studies and contributions from companies like:

Top Case Studies in Communications Guidebook Featured Company
Top Case Studies in Communications Guidebook Featured Company
Top Case Studies in Communications Guidebook Featured Company
Top Case Studies in Communications Guidebook Featured Company
Top Case Studies in Communications Guidebook Featured Company


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