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In the PR Measurement Guidebook, contributors from Paine Publishing, Edelman, PRIME Research, Adobe, Food for the Hungry, Penn State University and others provide the freshest and smartest ideas for measuring the impact of public relations and tying your efforts to key business objectives and performance indicators, from awareness to sentiment and perception, from influence and advocacy to action and participation.

One of the many measurement topics we cover in this book is how to prove your own worth to senior management. You'll hear the latest thinking on how PR can bring together the craft of communication with the discipline of measurement.

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The subjective art of communication has converged with the objective science of accountability to create a new environment for public relations professionals. Now more than ever, the pressure is mounting to assess and quantify the returns on investments in public relations.

The newfound ability to measure everything, especially on social media, has brought with it a new demand for insights. But can you ever really measure the editorial quality of a blog post? Can you quantify the value of actions generated by a press release? What, exactly, is a Tweet from an influencer worth? How does social media help or harm sales? These are the types of questions that PR professionals are now being asked to answer.

That focus on measurement is forcing communicators to think more about outcomes and how the functions of public relations can be tracked and aligned with the business priorities of their organizations.

In this new landscape, new roles have emerged. The audience is no longer a reactive, passive actor. Now they proactively dive into the digital environment in search of information. And brands and organizations—the ones delivering messages to that audience—can listen in on and influence what is being said about them in a totally new way. These roles are only beginning to be understood and mastered, and they are precisely what this 9th edition of PRNEWS’ Book of PR Measurement Strategies & Tactics seeks to help understand.

Our contributing writers run the gamut of this industry sector. In the more than 40 articles exploring PR measurement contained in this book, our authors bring insights from their roles as agency advisors, corporate practitioners, academics and communications executives.


  • The Future Is Now: Adopting Valid and Reliable PR Measurement Standards By Marcia DiStaso, David Geddes and David Michaelson
  • Combining the Emotional with the Analytical for an Integrated View of PR By Lisa Bell
  • Crossing the Chasm: It’s Time for PR to Prove That It Creates Business Value By Mark Stouse
  • The Evolution of Measurement Practices and Their Role in PR Today By Maura FitzGerald
  • Recommended KPIs for Measuring PR, Content Marketing and Social Media By Laura A. Borgstede
  • Bake Measurement into PR Strategy from the Onset or Risk Losing Your Budget By Liz Sophia (McClellan)
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  • Show the Value of Your Work: Using PR Measurement to Quantify Awareness By Serena Ehrlich, Sandy Malloy and Vilan Trub
  • PR Measurement: How to Ensure You’re Not Missing Half the Story By Leta Soza
  • Measurement of Obvious and Hidden PR Outcomes in Relation to Business Goals By Keerti Baker
  • Boost Budget for PR Measurement by Analyzing Your Needs and Content By Katie Paine
  • How PR Helped to Improve Perception and Boost Tourism in Nicaragua By Shalev Kaiserman
  • The ROI Dilemma: A Balanced Approach to Metrics Reporting in Media Relations By Malcolm Griffiths
  • Close Chapter
  • Using the Metrics That Matter to Assess the Success of Your Social PR Strategy By Jennie Ford
  • How to Measure Social Media Return on Investment in 5 Easy Steps By Sarah Tourville
  • How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media to Deliver Messages and Generate Leads By Jeremy Reis
  • It Pays to Be Social: How Brands Cash in by Showing ROI on Social Media By Tony Balasandiran
  • Close Chapter
  • 6 Foundational Benchmarking Tactics for Reputation Management Strategy By Eugene J. Berardi
  • Take Control of the Conversation with Reputation Monitoring and Management By Serena Ehrlich, Sandy Malloy and Vilan Trub
  • Measuring Crisis PR: The Value of Negative Stories That Don’t Appear By Eden Gillott Bowe and Roger Gillott
  • Close Chapter
  • Awareness, Acceptance and Action: Creating an Organization of Advocates By Dwayne J. Roark
  • Measuring Employee Engagement Doesn’t Have to Be Daunting By Inga Starrett
  • Add Profit to Employee Engagement With Narrative-Based Surveys By Iwan Jenkins
  • Next Level Employee Engagement: Measuring Engagement in the PR Workplace By Veronica S. Appleton
  • Close Chapter
  • Benchmarking Social: How to Measure Results and Report to Key Stakeholders By Maria Saltz
  • From the Hot Seat to the Catbird Seat: Presenting Measurement to Management By Barbara Coons and Pauline Draper-Watts
  • 4 Tips for Getting the C-Suite to Brag About Your PR Successes By Lisa Bell
  • Hitting It Out of the Park: Making the Most of Presentations to Management By Linda J. Popky
  • Close Chapter
  • Plan, Execute, Measure and Share: Use Results to Drive Client Relationships By Rebecca Epperson
  • Realizing the Full Potential of the Data-Enhanced Future of PR By Mark Weiner
  • How Measurement Tools Can Help Prove the Value of PR to Business Leaders By Tori Sabourin
  • Big Data and Bad Data: How to Clean Up Dirty Data and Polish PR By Katie Paine
  • What a Data Scientist Is, Why You Need One and What You Can Do to Become One By Marcia DiStaso and Erin Brooks
  • Measuring Actions and ROI Through the Ladder of Engagement By Kami Huyse
  • Dashboards: From Data Visualization to Actionable Business Insights By Sarab Kochhar
  • When Using Big Data, Devise and Report Metrics With Meaning By John Roderick
  • Close Chapter
  • Dictionary of Public Relations Measurement and Research, Third Edition By Don W. Stacks and Shannon A. Bowen
  • The Barcelona Declaration of Measurement Principles By the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication
  • Interim Standards By the Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards
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Featured Companies

This guidebook features case studies and contributions from companies like:

PR Measurement Guidebook Featured Company
PR Measurement Guidebook Featured Company
PR Measurement Guidebook Featured Company
PR Measurement Guidebook Featured Company
PR Measurement Guidebook Featured Company
PR Measurement Guidebook Featured Company


Here’s a sample of some of the exclusive content in this guidebook:

PR Measurement Guidebook Sample Article

A sample article: The Future Is Now: Adopting Valid and Reliable PR Measurement Standards By Marcia DiStaso, David Geddes and David Michaelson

PR Measurement Guidebook Sample Article

An excerpt from How PR Helped to Improve Perception And Boost Tourism in Nicaragua By Shalev Kaiserman

PR Measurement Guidebook Sample Article

An excerpt from Measuring Actions and ROI Through The Ladder of Engagement By Kami Huyse

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