Communicators Deploy Strategies to Pivot as Pandemics Unmoor Businesses and Organizations

It is likely you’ve used the word pivot more during the pandemic period than in pre-pandemic times, or what’s now called before time. In addition, words like flexible and adaptable are appearing more often in the vocabularies and writings of brand and agency communicators.

It’s not a surprise that businesses and organizations are seeking to pivot, adapt and retain a level of flexibility. Changing course quickly, or at least having the flexibility to do so if necessary, has become the order of the day during this triple pandemic moment (the COVID-19 pandemic, the racial reckoning in the US following the killings of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery and the economic havoc resulting from the first pandemic).
Crisis Without an Ending
Unlike most crises, the COVID-19 pandemic lacks a clear end. Recall predictions several months ago that ‘by July 4 this will all be over.’ As we finalize this edition, nearly 40 of 50 states are experiencing rising numbers of cases.

The week leading up to July 4 saw some of the worst days of coronavirus infection. On July 4, new cases dipped slightly, to 45,000, according to Johns Hopkins University data. The three previous days saw more than 50,000 infections. In addition, the US has recorded 2.84 million cases and nearly 130,000 deaths, making it the global leader.


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