Knowing the C-Suite’s Views is Key for Successful Media Relations

As PR pros know, the media landscape is an ever-shifting body of information, platforms and strategies. The goal, though, hasn’t changed: get strong content in front of the most eyeballs, or in some cases ears, from the target audience. Marketing and C-Suite professionals whose tactics are fresh and nimble increase their chances of gaining media coverage.

Below we analyze tactics that companies in the energy transition sector used to obtain media coverage. While these tactics were deployed in one tech sector, they are applicable in a wide range of industries.

Respect the relationship
As always, building relationships with reporters who will give you a fair hearing remains the best avenue to gain coverage. Additionally, reporters need reliable, credible information. The energy transition is moving so fast that it’s hard even for experts to keep up, let alone reporters. As such, media relations pros can play a critical role in helping media find and report stories.

Know the C-Suite 
In most companies, the CEO sets the vision, while the head of sales understands intimately why customers buy or don’t. A PR team unaware of how these two people think about the company and its offerings always will be out of touch.

Similarly, when strategies and messages are filtered through too many people at a company, media relations pros may receive diluted talking points.


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