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Editor's Note: From where we're sitting,, which launched in October 1995, ranks in the top five of very difficult online operations to strike up a relationship with. Its content director opted not to speak with us and passed our queries on to the newspaper's PR department several times. We'd venture a guess that there is no way these folks have gatekeeper envy. Nonetheless, courts the public (with features like Resume Connection) and partners in a big way. It nets about 20 million page views a week.

General News
Eighty percent of what's featured is repurposed from the Boston Globe. About 20 percent of its news and info. - such as contests, interactive features and chats - is crafted for the online venue with some sort of timely hook. Some offerings last week included: Your Taxes, an area devoted to tax advice and tips; a virtual "The Art of the Victoria and Albert Museum" tour from the new exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts; highlights about National Women's History Month; and its potpourri of auto, real estate, careers and technology-related slots.
Director of Online Content

Scott Cohen Phone: 617/929-7746 E-mail: [email protected]
Given that this is a 24-hour operation managed by five content specialists, there are no good or bad days or times. Unless it's a breaking story, factor in a 48-hour lead time. Yes, we're just confirming your assumption: e-mail your pitches and keep them short, no more than several graphs unless the idea won't fly without the addition of ancillary info. or art that speaks volumes. (These folks have been so jarred by the mass-distributed press release that's sent without any forethought that they guard their private e-mail addresses.) An e-mail in-box was set up just for pitches and if yours isn't unique, that's where it will probably remain. These online content pros don't want you to call them, leave them voicemails or show up on their doorsteps. They want ideas in writing and they aren't too fond of faxes and snail mail. We were never able to actually speak with Cohen, although we left several messages. Expect barriers a-plenty on the editorial side - but you'll also discover a responsive PR team tasked with being the middleman.

Editorial Contacts at

Main Number - 212/617-2000


Matthew V. Storin, 617/929-3049

Managing Editor

Gregory L. Moore, 617/929-3117

News Managing Editor

Thomas F. Mulvoy Jr., 617/929-3216

National News Editor

Mark Morrow, 617/929-7129

Foreign Editor

Sam Allis, 617/929-7370

Regional News Editor

Lynda Gorov, 617/929-3059

Metro Editor

Ellen Clegg, 617/929-1549

Business Editor

Larry Edelman, 617/929-3045

Senior Assistant Business Editor

Alison Bethel, 617/929-7018

Economics & Banking Reporter

Charles Stein, 617/929-2922

Financial Reporter

Steve Syre, 617/929-2918

Investment Reporter

Steven Baily, 617/929-2902

Technology/Science Reporter

Peter Howe, 617/929-3055

Director of Online Content

Scott Cohen, 617/929-7746

E-mail: [email protected]

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