How to Make a Great PR Infographic [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographics continue to be a great way to deliver information to your clients and those your clients want to reach. A study by Demand Gen report found that infographics can boost web traffic by 12 percent, but according to Venngage, almost a third of marketers said the biggest struggle with creating visuals was creating well-designed ones.

If you want to create an infographic as a part of your messaging, some tips from Venngage include:

Use your infographic to tell a story. Identify a problem or thesis for your infographic, the data to back it up and then end with a conclusion.

Do your research. Find a few infographics that you really like, regardless of the content, and take note of what makes them visually interesting to you.

Vet your data. Doing a few Google searches will often save you an embarrassing mistake!