How To…Identify And Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors During Media Interviews

Picture this scenario: You've worked hard to get your company executive in front of a reporter, either in a print interview, a radio broadcast or a televised news segment. The questions so far have been great, delving deeply into your company, its market and what makes your product great. It feels like the reporter is going to write a good story about your company.

Then it comes - the question you've been dreading:

"So, who are your competitors?"

It's a simple question, yet so many executives and spokespeople stumble over the answer. However, it's actually the perfect opportunity to frame your own landscape, positioning your company as you see it in relation to others in the industry. It also gives you yet another chance to communicate key messages. Navigating the choppy waters simply requires a closely followed list of "to-dos" and "to-don'ts."

The To-Do List

Here are a handful of ways to gain the greatest competitive advantage in your marketplace:

  • Categorize: Don't give your competitors free publicity by naming them right off the bat. Instead, start by mentioning the category of companies that can be considered competitive. You can then use the opportunity to stress what makes your particular technology or product unique in comparison - a conversation in which you/your spokesperson should already be well-versed.


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