Why You Should Include a Crisis Communication Plan in Your 2022 Budget

Since March 2020, we’ve experienced how a crisis—a pandemic, a natural disaster, a social justice movement—can significantly, and quickly, impact a business.

It’s not whether an organization faces a crisis. How it’s handled will have the biggest impact on reputation and key business relationships. Organizations prepared to handle crises are significantly more likely to successfully manage and mitigate risk, sustain trust and loyalty, and protect their brands.

Making crisis communication part of 2022 planning and strategy is critical. Effective planning, including an evaluation of a company’s crisis process, team, tools and resources, ensures organizations are prepared to respond in a timely, effective and responsible manner.

Organization and the Market
It’s important to understand the marketplace when planning your organization’s crisis response. The world has changed significantly in the last two years. People expect more from businesses. Employees and customers expect businesses to stand for something more than profits and to be transparent.

To earn trust and loyalty, organizations must know who they are and what they stand for—and act accordingly. A clear purpose and values establish a foundation to support crisis response.


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