Another Choice for PR Pros: Engage an Influencer or a Creator?

Whereas the term influencer was once the word du jour, communicators are noticing a shift. Where influencer once dominated, you find the word creator appearing in strategy discussions and TikTok bios.

Influencer marketing is no longer just about paying a celebrity to promote products. Instead, social media has given rise to the creator economy and the 'solopreneur,' which encompasses influencers, as well as bloggers, musicians, course instructors, photographers, videographers–really anyone creating content and uploading it to social media (and ideally, monetizing it).
Creator or Influencer?
For communicators, this means asking significant questions when deciding on including a creator or an influencer in a campaign strategy.

“Although categories have started to blur most recently, communicators have many considerations when it comes to working with influencers and creators,” says Priscila Martinez, founder and CEO of The Brand Agency.

For example, Martinez says it's standard when assessing an influencer to look at their engagement, impressions and conversion rate. On the other hand, aesthetic and creativity mean more than hard numbers when evaluating a creator.

“Communicators need to watch out for a few landmines when choosing to engage a creator over an influencer,” Martinez says. For instance, you may need to explain the differences to clients.

Also important is how you approach a creator as opposed to an influencer.


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