How to Create a Four-Tiered Funnel That Can Help With Social Storytelling

Carmen Collins, SR Social Media/Talent Brand Manager, Cisco

Have you seen this question, or maybe even asked it: “What are the top three metrics you use to justify your social media team?”

It’s impossible to answer because it’s the wrong question. It’s a trick and a journey down the rabbit hole to lots of guessing and vanity metrics that don’t really MEAN anything.

What’s the right question? There are several:

• Who is my audience?

• Where is my audience?

• What do I want my audience to do AND/OR how can I help it?

These questions help you set clear goals. Goals that are distinct to your business, your needs and your social media followers’ needs. Without clear goals, you will never be able to show success or justify any social media tactic. Driving sales is a lot different than building a brand, which is different from getting likes. All these are puzzle pieces that need to fit together to show a clear picture of your social media program.


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