C-Level Execs Recognize Public Relations’ Importance

Business Leaders Talk Up PR: With faith in business and government institutions waning and the reputations of even the most venerable brands at risk, corporate communications has emerged as an essential skill set for C-level executives, says a PRSA/MWW Group study released in December 2011. In fact, 93% of business leaders of 204 companies polled believe public relations is just as important to their companies as other forms of communication, including advertising and marketing.

Where this data takes PR in 2012 is anyone’s guess, given the fact that marketers find public relations to be the toughest discipline to measure ROI. Other PRSA/MWW study findings include:

  • 97% of business leaders surveyed think CEOs themselves should understand the role
    of corporate reputation management; and 98% think it’s important for other C-level executives to have a working knowledge of basic PR skills.

  • 98% believe that business schools should incorporate instruction on corporate communications and reputation management strategy into MBA curricula.

  • Nearly all business leaders (98%) believe it will be important in the future for corporations to have senior managers with a working knowledge of building and protecting a company’s credibility. And 96% say it also will be important for these individuals to have a working knowledge of building and protecting a company’s reputation.

Source: PRSA/MWW Group