4 Things PR Pros Need to Know About LinkedIn’s New Company Pages

LinkedIn is slowly rolling out its new and improved Company Pages—giving companies a great new venue to showcase their brands, their people and their way of thinking. The new pages, which were launched on Sept. 6 with Philips, Citi, HP and Dell as early adopters, are designed to be more streamlined and applicable to each individual user who visits them.

These changes include enhancements for the basic user experience, making it easier for users to find company news and information, career opportunities, services or insights. 

Here’s how your company can take advantage:

  • Get Visual, Personal: Brand pages now display a high-resolution cover photo at the top of the page—think of this as similar to when Facebook added cover photo when it introduced its Timeline format. 

  • Share More Content: LinkedIn has made the update stream more relevant for members, which means company updates (shared posts) are front and center, enabling users to quickly comment, like or share relevant company updates with their professional network. 

  • Showcase Products and Services: With a more prominent navigation experience, companies can now easily showcase their company’s products, services and career opportunities to members visiting their Company Page. In the old format, these features were buried in small tabs at the top of the page.

  • Make Hiring a Higher Priority: LinkedIn has also started to offer a more compelling and visual way for brands to showcase their employer brand through the Career Pages section of Company Pages. 

Though these changes are rolling out with limited access to companies now, brands should still become familiar with them now and figure out quickly how to take advantage of this opportunity.


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