2013 Platinum PR Awards: Rebranding and Repositioning

Winner: Allison+Partners - From Startup to Mainstream: Dropbox for Everyone

The problem with buzzwords is that sometimes people use them without thinking about what they actually mean or how they can be applied. “Cloud” is one of those buzzwords, or at least that was Allison+Partners’ thinking when they set out to position Dropbox as a product for everyone.

In order to make Dropbox a household name, the agency laid out three essential objectives: establish the product as a leader in cloud computing; redefine the product by identifying how people can engage with it every day; and establish brand trust.

Reaching a target demographic of “everyone” is not easy, but the agency focused on aligning itself with segmented audiences that simultaneously echoed the narrative that Dropbox was a product for the masses.

That strategy required several tactics like inspiring the influencers to speak on behalf of the product, securing media coverage throughout the country, organizing a speaker roll to represent the brand at international conferences and launching a case study program.

A feature in Forbes magazine served as an awareness catalyst and in less than a month the coverage was shared 50,000 times between Facebook and Twitter. And more significantly, 5 million new users signed up for Dropbox in a single quarter.

Honorable Mentions:

  • XRS Corporation with Bellmont Partners Public Relations and Rumpza Consulting - Betting the Farm on Mobile Technology
  • Bravo Group – Tri-M Rebranding
  • Henson Consulting  - I-Cash: Discover What's Yours: HC Program Helps Connect Record Numbers With Cash
  • Makovsky + Company – Crystal & Company
  • Weber Shandwick and MilkPEP - REFUEL: A New Audience and Usage Occasion for Chocolate Milk