15 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Election Night

It’s finally here. Election Night 2012.

No more commercials, e-mail blasts, debates, op-eds, online arguments or anything else you can think of that has consumed the American public for the past few months (unless the election is too close to call and gets mired in the courts).

Tonight, presumably, either President Obama or Mitt Romney will be elected president of the United States.

While television coverage will be constant, social media will be the go-to source for many to monitor the night's proceedings. 

Here are 15 must-follow Twitter accounts for election night.

@BarackObama: The president’s Twitter feed will be providing posts at a rapid pace throughout the evening.

@MittRomney: Mitt Romney will remind supporters until the polls close as to why this country needs to head in a different direction.

@PaulRyanVP: The Republican vice presidential nominee.

@joebiden: President Obama’s right-hand man.

@davidaxelrod: President Obama’s senior campaign adviser will provide a unique look into how the president’s team is faring as the poll results come in.

@politico: The one-stop shop for political news will provide followers with a constant stream of info and updates.

@cnnpolitics: An aggregate of news from CNN’s political team.

@foxnews: The feed from the No. 1 cable news network.

@msnbc: The feed of NBC's cable news network. 

@rolandsmartin: The CNN analyst provides a perspective from the left as well as the African-American community.

@andersoncooper: CNN’s Mr. Everything will be a great follow to get perspective from a field reporter.

@chucktodd: Looking for political coverage tonight with a certain edge to it? MSNBC’s Chuck Todd is your man.

ABC News’ chief White House correspondent  will provide up-to-the-minute news updates as the night progresses.

@karlrove: The former Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush will provide a  conservative perspective to the evening.

@EricStangel: It’s going to be a long night. So if you want some laughs, Eric Stangel, the head writer and executive producer of the Late Show with David Letterman, will provide comic relief for both parties.

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