Working PR Moms and Caregivers Seek Flexibility, Help From Employers

working mom on laptop with baby sleeping

The pandemic certainly upended a lot of lives—emotionally, physically, socially, financially—and it’s no secret that working women, mothers especially, are shouldering a lot of the burden. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the United States, women make up over 60 percent of the public relations industry. With the heightened increase in importance of communications during COVID, female employees are no doubt stretched farther than ever. 

In light of Women’s History Month, PRNEWS took a look at what the industry is doing to help working mothers and caretakers in their time of need. Time will tell what impact this year of remote working and flexible scheduling will have on the future of the workplace. But many companies are taking this time to reevaluate the demands on their employees, and how they can create more suitable environments for women to thrive. 
COVID-19’s Impact on Working Women
Affect, a public relations, marketing and social media agency, released the findings of a recent survey exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women in the workplace. 

The report revealed a disproportionate weight that the pandemic has had on women, particularly working mothers, who have experienced declines in income, job growth and job performance while also taking on added responsibilities at home.

Findings included the fact that 24 percent of working mothers considering leaving the workforce permanently as a result of working in the pandemic, compared to just six percent of working fathers. And this trend may already be starting. Currently, 68 percent of men said they are working full time, compared to about half of women (49 percent).

And many moms have had to cut their work schedule to care for their families.


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