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The Influencer Report: Survey Findings, Trends, and Forecasts

PRNEWS and Meltwater conducted a survey to gauge the importance of influencers to marketing and communications professionals. We asked how and why brands are using influencers, how much they pay them, and what challenges arise from working with them.

Find out what other brands are doing and what you can learn from the insights they’ve shared.

The 2019 Salary Survey Report

Are the 2019 Salary Survey results reflective of a glass half full or half empty? Download the full report to uncover the good and bad news regarding findings on job satisfaction, salaries by position, gender, age and more, compensation, bonuses, benefits and more.

A Survey of Real-Time Data Collection in a Crisis Situation

A Survey of Real-Time Data Collection in a Crisis Situation
In this special report, "A Survey of Real-Time Data Collection in a Crisis Situation," PRNEWS and Dataminr explore communicators' preparedness to handle breaking information during a crisis and also examine the roadblocks to crisis resolution and the market’s attitude toward crisis.

Crisis Management & the Media

Media Relations in the Social Networking Age

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