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News Direct Infographic

Modern media outreach has evolved to the changing needs of today’s communicators, who are juggling many more roles with leaner staff and smaller budgets.

The State of Data-Driven Communications Report

To better understand the role of measurement and media analysis in Communications, PRNEWS and PublicRelay surveyed some 350 corporate and agency communicators. Download the survey report today to explore the changing role of media analytics in modern PR.

Cision Report

PR and comms is a dynamic field that is still often stymied by a frustrating feedback loop of outdated tech and metrics that can’t truly measure the value of your work, resulting in insufficient budget because you don’t have that proof at hand. To truly prove the value of the work you’re doing, you need access to the latest and greatest technology that can measure beyond press clips and metrics like unique monthly visitors, to actual business impact.

Crisp Survey

Crisis is inevitable. Some 80 percent of crisis teams were mobilized in the past two years, a Deloitte report says. Yet some companies refuse to prepare for crises, or do so inadequately. To gauge attitudes toward advanced crisis preparation, PRNEWS and Crisp surveyed 400+ PR professionals. This report alerts PR pros to the technological and financial pain points associated with crisis preparation.

The Influencer Report: Survey Findings, Trends, and Forecasts

PRNEWS and Meltwater conducted a survey to gauge the importance of influencers to marketing and communications professionals. We asked how and why brands are using influencers, how much they pay them, and what challenges arise from working with them.

Find out what other brands are doing and what you can learn from the insights they’ve shared.