Virtual Events Give PR More Time to Hone Content, Messages for Media

[Editor’s Note: At press time, the outlook for in-person events seems precarious. As such, we asked Jamie Kightley, head of client services, IBA International, to discuss how B2B companies can bolster media opportunities at virtual events.]

The virtual work environment is a product of trial and error. At this point, many of us are complacent. Virtual meetings include pets or small children walking into view, speakers forgetting to un-mute our microphones and drinking coffee on camera. In the event world, however, these are positive things.

There’s been extensive growth in virtual events in the last 18 months, ranging from webinars and roundtables to full-scale conferences and product launches. One virtual event vendor said business on its platform surged 1,000 percent.

Owing to the Delta variant, nobody’s certain when in-person, large-scale events will resume. This makes it imperative that B2B companies have a refined virtual event strategy.
Media Members and Virtual Events
At events, many organizations handled press members differently than typical attendees. With virtual events, press still need to be managed before, during and after.


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