Takeaways from Nike-Kaepernick Campaign, Crisis Analytics and New to the Resource Center

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Select Takeaways

  • Shareholder (pp 1-3): On average, the fifth business day of a crisis is an accurate predictor of the financial markets’ judgment about whether a brand’s share value will rise or fall, according to a new report from Pentland Analytics.
  • Brands that excel during a crisis find their share value rises 20% on average during the year after the event; brands designated as losers in a crisis can expect value to decline 30%. Social media has amplified both the positive and negative value changes after a crisis. These findings argue in favor of crisis planning and preparation as well as prompt response.
  • Factors that determine winners include prompt, decisive CEO action, a conspicuous apology and accurate, coordinated communications.
  • There is a link between cyber crisis and value that is similar to the gains and losses brands experience after other PR crises.
  • Tools and Tech (pp 4-6): Voice might be the next big wave in business-related technology.
  • Nike and Silence (pp 7-10): Silence in the face of a PR crisis is advisable in rare instances, but when public safety is in question a prompt response communicated clearly to the public is nearly always dictated.
  • Controversy sometimes can be a brand’s friend during a crisis. Knowing its target audience, Nike anticipated resistance from anti-Kaepernick groups would spur its followers. It was right.
  • Roundtable (pp 10-12): Aviation company Bell has restructured its communications function and changed indivdual titles to emphasize strategy and the unit’s ability to contribute to measureable business goals.
  • Case Study (pp 14-15): If a brand is strategic, it is possible to mount a successful social media program in a regulated environment.

New to the Resource Center

As we get ready for the PR News Healthcare Social Media Summit in Baltimore on October 23, we highlight related resources, including FDA guidelines for healthcare company activities on social media.

There’s also a short report on 7 social media trends in the pharmaceutical industry and several new documents from brands in crisis.

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