Wallets Open: Social Media is Becoming a Creator-Heavy Space

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[Editor's Note: During the start of day two of the Social Shake-Up earlier this month, we staged a brief roundtable with a trio of speakers: Eugenia Johnson, senior PR and engagement strategist, Brunet García; Joi Light, internal communication manager, Georgia-Pacific and an influencer; and Kelly Nelson, social media and influencer relations manager, Holiday Inn Club Vacations.

One of the roundtable's and Shake-Up's takeaways was the emerging dominance of paid creators on social platforms. In a wide-ranging discussion, we covered topics ranges from crisis communication to the metaverse and authentic social campaigns for Juneteeth and Pride Month.

Responses were lightly edited.]

PRNEWS: Was there anything that you've heard in the last day that surprised you?

Eugenia Johnson, senior PR and engagement strategist, Brunet García

Eugenia Johnson: I wouldn't say surprised. But I would say the most interesting thing so far were discussions about minimizing brand risk and crisis communication. I don't think there's a lot of space to have conversations specifically around crisis communication and risk

So, especially from a social media perspective, it was interesting to hear such conversations because so many PR crises begin on social. It can be like a wildfire out there. There should be a lot of consideration regarding crisis and social. It’s good to see people talking about it.

PRNEWS: Same question, Joi.


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