Social Media War Rooms Need to Focus on Listening and Advance Prep

by Nicole Schuman, Content Manager, PRNEWS

Having an extensive social media strategy is a key part of crisis readiness. In addition, it can help a company take advantage of a breaking situation that falls short of crisis.

A healthy social media plan starts with listening—keyword research, daily roving of consumer sentiment and a constant audit of your organization’s stance on current events.

Next comes preparation for any type of scenario and a process for going forward with a variety of responses—especially if you have a product launch or an event approaching.

This is were it can be helpful to have a social media war room in place, a team dedicated to responding to an event in real-time. At a minimum, having social media experts and content creators on hand can make a difference.

Remember the Super Bowl blackout in 2013, and Oreo’s perfectly-timed tweet? People are still talking about it.

Leo MorejonBusiness Debate Show

“While the stadium was covered in darkness and confusion, we saw an opportunity to make cultural commentary and to jump into the national conversation with relevance and speed,” says Leo Morejon, social media professional and Business Debate Show host at Morejon was lead social media community manager for Oreo at the agency that represented the brand.


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