Social Media Through the Eyes of a B2B Marketing Communications Pro

Editor’s Note:In this regular feature we ask PR leaders to tell us about people who’ve influenced their career, the best advice they’ve received and trends they’ve spotted. This week’s interview is with Heather Dueitt, director, marketing/communications, at NoteVault.


Heather Dueitt, Director, Marketing/Communications, NoteVault

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is something I heard at Edelman in NY, when I sat three rows away from Richard Edelman. It’s always stuck with me. A follow-up to this is to do one thing that scares you each day; don’t be afraid to try things and pilot something. And don’t be afraid to ask a question or demand something from your agency. Just because something is the industry trend, why not try doing it a different way? In the last six months I’ve really taken this advice professionally and personally. Especially because we don’t have big budgets like some of our competitors, we have to be a little more creative.
Create an open environment where anybody feels comfortable bringing up ideas and providing feedback. At Edelman when we did brainstorming we’d bring in every level of employee and interns.


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