‘Quiet Quitting’ Yields Loud Consumer Engagement and Posts on Social in August

The new term, quiet quitting, means doing the minimum at work. Slacking on the job isn’t new, of course. Yet quiet quitting adds new things to job-sliding, which were born during the pandemic.

One is the boundary-blurring practice of working from home, which resulted in re-evaluating life and professional goals.

Another part of quiet quitting is its social media aspect, since it first went viral on TikTok. As such, we asked Shareablee powered by Comscore to track quiet quitting on social.

While posts mentioning quiet quitting were rare in 2021, in August 2022 the term registered more than 2.1K posts, 1.4 million actions and 1.5 million video views, according to Shareablee. This was a spike even from July 2022, when there were just nine posts and 5.9K actions.


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